Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Bangkok - Day 1

Thailand Bangkok known as fashion city and also place that surround by good local food such as Tom Yam, Kerabu/Salad, Curry, Sticky rice etc. Of course this trip is purely for shopping and Thai food craving. Before we depart I was remind her to bring additional baggage/bag but she didnt get what I mean and question me few times about the empty baggage. Nvm later she will know :)

As usual, early flight to LCCT and ready check in. Lets cut it short, 2 hours flight and arrived Suvarnabhumi Airport. Plan to take the Rail Link but due to the extra baggage, the cost is about same if we take Taxi. We deciding to take Taxi but as forum mention, taking in departure hall will be cheaper than arrival hall. They dont like to use Meter for their Taxi, make sure you know the distances from airport to your hotel to avoid cheat by the Taxi driver.

Budacco is the hotel we choose. Colorful, free high speed wifi, clean and friendly staff and we are very happy with their services. Thumb up and full recommended people who want to stay in Pratunam area. Check-in with Budacco and heading towards the nearly shopping mall for our lunch. Hear that there have a famous food court that serve a nice food with reasonable price. Lets go and have a look.

This was the place we are heading to, Platinum Fashion Mall

They was right, awesome and excellence food can be taste in this food court... arghhh just cant decide what to order... too much nice food and alot of people. Look at the picture and it mean of thousand words... 1 words... NICE :) hahaha... Papaya salad just spice up as starter... come with fried oyster with egg and continue with Tom Yam Gong~!!! I would rate this place 4/5 due to clean environment and nice food. Not forget the mango Sticky Rice, when you put them together in your mouth... it just melt with the coconut gravy~ Perfect~!

After burp session, we walking around the mall and shop some items. Time was clock at 2pm, we are heading back hotel for bath and rest for afternoon & night activity. While walking around the area, we experience something that quite unique. Their train still passing by road that using by car, I still remember this when I was young, I do experience this but I think nowadays in Malaysia is getting lesser for this kind of situation.

The guards control and block the road when the train come.

4pm, is time for hunting local food. Walking around Pratunam area looking for chicken rice actually. Hahaha why? I was recommend by Internet and Forum about the famous chicken rice. They call it Khao Man Kai ("9 dollar chicken"?? Hahaha)

Smell something very nice when walking around... BBQ Pork... Yes, the guy selling BBQ Pork~!!! We order 5 sticks. While waiting, the owner as us from where? I say Malaysia and he starting talk with me in Cantonese~!!! Wow... His name called Heng, he was friendly and we have great time chating. Please do try because the BBQ Pork was awesome~!

Must try~!

Just after the BBQ Pork stall, we actually found Khao Man Kai restaurant but the shop havent open yet. It open around 5pm. We still having about 45mins and we decided to try Samurai Pork burger at McD which not sell at our country.


I know we eat non stop but actually we just sharing~ Look at the picture, we just share for 1 set~!! After a refreshment from McD hehehe, we heading to Khao Man Kai restaurant around 530pm. Crowded even just start their business... There got alot chicken rice shop, but make sure you just visit the right one (pink color one just like the photo below).

Let talk about special of the chicken rice.

- Smooth and perfect when inside your mouth

- The smell of aroma was great and the rice was very soft

Special Chili Sauce
-I personally think this make the chicken rice special
-When the chicken mix with the sauce... that was the best combination
-Abit sweet(soya sauce), sour(vineger) and spicy(chili) with the smooth of the chicken...
-Omm nomm nommm~! Nice~!

After finish a great food at Pratunam, we heading to Silom which also known as Red District (Ping pong show, Lol). I'm not talking picture due to some limitation in this place.

There was another purpose visiting here, Naraya Bag~!!! She was enjoy with bring back more than 10 bags. Crazy... I mean the price... very cheap~!

Here we come the summary of the Day:-

1) Taxi- 500 Baht
2) Tom Yam Gong 80 + Papaya Salad 50 + Fried Oyster 20 + Mango Sticky rice 100
3) Pork Stick - 15 Baht
4) McD Samurai Pork Burger set- 120 Baht
Khao Man Kai - 112 Baht
6) BTS Transport - 120 Baht
7) 10+ Naraya Bag - 3675 Baht

Total Damage = 4792 Baht

*BAHT 10 = MY 1 +- ringgit

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