Friday, August 22, 2014

My little Angel

After stop blogging for 2 years, what I am actually done...

1) Wedding Pre Wedding Photography - Done
2) Wedding Dinner - Done
3) Honey Moon - Done
4) Pregnancy - Of course not me, my lovely Wife :) - Done
5) Delivery - My little Angel born Oct 2013 !!- Done
6) Parenting - That is why I do not have time for my blogging...

I will catch up with my New Zealand Trip for Day 3 - Day 11, Korea Trip,  Guang Zhou Trip not to forget my parenting tips POST (coming soon).

Bonus photo when she 7 Days Old ~

Keep Calm and Wait for my Next Post :)


Jennifer said...

Congrats! But Oct 2014 not yet come leh. When did your little angel born?

Johntim said...

Dear Jennifer,

Nice to see you again, sorry for some minor typo, it should be on Oct 2013. Yeah been busying with her ! Hahaha will catch up with the new post soon.