Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My Little Angel v2

My Little AngelValentine day should be make alot love, no no I mean should full of love. We have prepared to have a simple celebration as we are in Singapore with our notty girl. However there is surprise gift was received on this day, A baby girl !

Let me story about the excitement:

On the 13th of February 2017, eve of the valentine day. We reach Singapore and enjoy our rest in our room. As usual, I story for the notty to be sleep, she want few stories, ya just story some nonsense funny story will make her fall sleep. I will follow she felt as sleep and follow by my lovely wife. Sharp on 11pm night, my lovely wife wake me up and inform me that she have stomach pain.

Shocked and dont know what to do, is 11pm night, how I going to back to JB? Without thinking much, we decided to take taxi to Singapore Custom. Packing the important items and start leaving our home. Uber was waiting us at downstairs. However wife tell me that she felt the water was break, we are getting nervous should we stay in Singapore for delivery? Due to we do not have permanent home in Singapore, we cant really stay in Singapore. We need at least 1-2weeks to settle passport for our new born baby to leave Singapore back to JB.

She decided to continue back to JB, in same time, I have decided to go Bugis Ban Street which have taxi straight to go JB. When asking the Uber drive, he agreed we should go there as it might be still open. My decision was made, if there is no taxi is Bugis, I will go to Singapore hospital for delivery.

Thank God, the taxi service is still open, without thinking, we go in the Taxi and heading to JB. The charge was SGD60 for midnight trip, it was reasonable. Not about the cost, it about the urgency. The pain starting, in same time we have check the traffic in BKE to Custom and Woodlands Checkpoint. Again, Thank God that no traffic. Driver was mention it required 45mins to reach JB.

Thanks to the Bugis Taxi Driver which help us speed all the way to help us to the hospital. When the time we reach Hospital, he told me that I have never drive so fast in my life :) Thank again ! Wife entering to labour room and nurse told me it was 9cm !! OMG. Less than 30mins my angel is born.

So excited to have a Valentine bb which un-planned, however she will gonna have -1 celebration day as birthday and valentine will be in same time, May be she will bigger or larger present? I dont know :p

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Maldives - Part 1

Maldives is a dream of most of people who like beaches. Me and my wife was one of them. The water was crystal clear and the underwater view was amazing. I will break the blog in 3 part:-

In Part 1, I gonna talk about my 1st day in Male City.
In Part 2, I gonna share my Club Med Itinerary. (stay tune)
In Part 3, I gonna share foods, drinks and the facilities of the Club Med. (stay tune)

We actually bought the tickets to Maldives without knowing that the hotel and expenses was so expensive :) However it take alot plan for us to successfully fly here and enjoy our day. After many research on Hotel/Resort and expenses involved, finally we have decided to book Club Med Kani for 5 days 4 nights. It was cheap and affordable compare to others hotel, I should say worth it. It is about RM7550 for 4 night for 2 person include unlimited foods and drinks, water sport such as snookering, sailing, kayaking, swimming and etc.

Bring me to Maldives


Going to Boarding Gate

Shoot with Plane :)

Shoot On Plane :p

Due to late night of our flight (reach Maldives 0810pm which equal to 1110pm Malaysia time) we have decided to stay in MALE city (which near airport and it just RM400) for 1 night. This is better because if you st the Club Med, it will be consider 1 day charge (RM1880).

As you know, Internet is part of our life :p the 1st thing touch down to airport is to get a 4G Sim card for my journey. I have done some research on the telco in Maldives and decided to take 7 Days tourist pack (15gb) from Dhiraagu Maldives for USD20. It located right after from Arrival Hall.

We have choosen Newtown Inn which recommended by tripadvisor. Hotel room is small but yet is good and comfortable. Transfer is arrange via email after the hotel booking. Transfer cost it USD10 for return per person (airport to hotel and hotel to airport).

Interesting City:-
Hulhumalé or Hulhulemale (Dhivehi: ހުޅުމާލެ) is a reclaimed island located in the south of North Male Atoll, Maldives. The artificial island was reclaimed to establish a new land mass required to meet the existing and future housing, industrial and commercial development demands of the Malé region. The official settlement was inaugurated by President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom on May 12, 2004.
Reference: WIKI

We walk around the city after check in to the hotel. After awhile we have found some decent restaurant to have our late dinner 10pm (1am Malaysia time). Tired but yet still exciting visiting some place which new to explore.

She order Nasi Goreng which taste good (1USD = MVR15)


Nasi Briyani + Tired face

After dinner we back to hotel for bath and sleep. The quality of sleep is good as I like compact room compare the spacious room. Break is provided - Egg, Hotdog, Ham, Bread and Orange Juice/Cereal.

Walking to the beach and take some photo for memory that we have been to Male City before :) Transfer to Airport (to Club Med) is arrange at 10am. While heading to Airport, you can see another Male City just beside Airport (10 mins with Ferry trip). Thanks to selfie stick so we can take alot couple photo without asking others to take or setup tripod !

Entrance of Newtown Inn

Male City Beach (near Airport), the beach is beautiful too

1 of Island which Maldivian live in.

Once we have reach Airport, we have go to Club Med counter 61 for registration. They will tag you with blue color stripe and the room number will assigned to you on the spot.

Counter 61, Club Med Kani

Tie our hand with blue stripe - Club Med

Here we go ! Jetty just at Airport

This is the Jetty, just infront of Airport (walk 1 min)

Club Med is load our baggage to the Speed boat.
Getting Ready to Take Speedboat

In Speedboat

Wefie !

Club Med staff is welcome us, Vikki is our GO

Our Club Med journey begin in Part 2, Stay tune ! Some teaser video in Club Med, enjoy !


Friday, August 22, 2014

My little Angel

After stop blogging for 2 years, what I am actually done...

1) Wedding Pre Wedding Photography - Done
2) Wedding Dinner - Done
3) Honey Moon - Done
4) Pregnancy - Of course not me, my lovely Wife :) - Done
5) Delivery - My little Angel born Oct 2013 !!- Done
6) Parenting - That is why I do not have time for my blogging...

I will catch up with my New Zealand Trip for Day 3 - Day 11, Korea Trip,  Guang Zhou Trip not to forget my parenting tips POST (coming soon).

Bonus photo when she 7 Days Old ~

Keep Calm and Wait for my Next Post :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Zealand South Island - Day 4

Due to catch up with the Milford Sound Cruise (9.45am), we need to reach early to avoid any emergency thing happen during the journey. Example such as No Fuel (we will starting to pump petrol every time we have half full tank) and not able to start in Dunedin.

Wake up early in morning 5.30am take some light breakfast and leaving the from YHA Te Anau. The journey to Milford Sound is approximate 117km - 1 hour 23 mins. There are some tips to advise to those who going Milford Sound, must fill full tank petrol before go Milford because there is no petrol station along the journey.

At about 30km before Milford there has tunnel, the scenic around is superb, a lots of snow just beside the roadside. We decided to take after end of the cruise as we rush for the boat schedule

My brother draw this... I love meh meh sheep

Too early, alot of fog

So Amazing

The Tunnel I mention above :)

Is like a mirror... so beautiful

Milford Sound / Piopiotahi is a fiord in the south west of New Zealand's South Island, within Fiordland National Park, Piopiotahi (Milford Sound) Marine Reserve, and the Te Wahipounamu World Heritage site. It has been judged the world's top travel destination in an international survey (the 2008 Travelers' Choice Destinations Awards by TripAdvisor) and is acclaimed as New Zealand's most famous tourist destination. Rudyard Kipling had previously called it the eighth Wonder of the World. - Reference

Reach Milford Sound and its amazing, like what the description said above. We have taken alot of photo and decided to take pre wedding photo as well in this cruise. Lets enjoy the photo !

The Entrance of the Jetty

Everywhere is Beautiful Scenery

Getting Ready

Cruise started !

Sea lion awww awww :)

The ferry bring us to some waterfall nearby :)

The journey end and we taking our group photo :)

After enjoying scenic photo, we continue our journey back to Te Anau. As plan, we stop by and take alot of photo at road side which have beautiful scenery.

Reaching Te Anau around 12pm for our lunch, a small town which not much food choices and we choose Subway. It quite similar to Malaysia Subway so nothing much to talk about :) Leaving Te Anau and Heading to Wanaka, approximate 226km, 2 hours 46 mins, ermmm drive again.

We are preparing heading to Wanaka, here is our load of baggage :p

We visit Te Anau lake before we leave to Wanaka

Reach YHA Wanaka and Check in. Me + YK + AYCK 1 room and Christine + Sam 1 room. We have arranged by YHA with 1 Ang Mo because the house got 2 rooms. The Ang Mo quite nice got borrow us the Heater to use awhile. We shared toilet and living hall with him. We enjoying the night watching Stephen Chow movie together (not with Ang Mo, OK?). Relax at the Lobby/Reception area playing Pools and reading the magazine. There also a Fireplace to warm us up in the cold weather.

The Living Hall in YHA Wanaka - Reference

We settled our Dinner in YHA Hostel Kitchen, as usually, the equipment are well available for light cooking. We just need to make sure the utensils and pots clean after the cooking. Make sure everything is well store and clean all the necessary rubbish created by us :)

YHA Wanaka
Location 3/5 - Good but due need to walk out from to the hostel, distance from reception (very cold)
Sleep Quality 3/5 - Good if the heater can heat up the room
Cleanliness - 4/5 - Clean
Service - 4/5 - Good with all cooking facilities and sofa