Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My Little Angel v2

My Little AngelValentine day should be make alot love, no no I mean should full of love. We have prepared to have a simple celebration as we are in Singapore with our notty girl. However there is surprise gift was received on this day, A baby girl !

Let me story about the excitement:

On the 13th of February 2017, eve of the valentine day. We reach Singapore and enjoy our rest in our room. As usual, I story for the notty to be sleep, she want few stories, ya just story some nonsense funny story will make her fall sleep. I will follow she felt as sleep and follow by my lovely wife. Sharp on 11pm night, my lovely wife wake me up and inform me that she have stomach pain.

Shocked and dont know what to do, is 11pm night, how I going to back to JB? Without thinking much, we decided to take taxi to Singapore Custom. Packing the important items and start leaving our home. Uber was waiting us at downstairs. However wife tell me that she felt the water was break, we are getting nervous should we stay in Singapore for delivery? Due to we do not have permanent home in Singapore, we cant really stay in Singapore. We need at least 1-2weeks to settle passport for our new born baby to leave Singapore back to JB.

She decided to continue back to JB, in same time, I have decided to go Bugis Ban Street which have taxi straight to go JB. When asking the Uber drive, he agreed we should go there as it might be still open. My decision was made, if there is no taxi is Bugis, I will go to Singapore hospital for delivery.

Thank God, the taxi service is still open, without thinking, we go in the Taxi and heading to JB. The charge was SGD60 for midnight trip, it was reasonable. Not about the cost, it about the urgency. The pain starting, in same time we have check the traffic in BKE to Custom and Woodlands Checkpoint. Again, Thank God that no traffic. Driver was mention it required 45mins to reach JB.

Thanks to the Bugis Taxi Driver which help us speed all the way to help us to the hospital. When the time we reach Hospital, he told me that I have never drive so fast in my life :) Thank again ! Wife entering to labour room and nurse told me it was 9cm !! OMG. Less than 30mins my angel is born.

So excited to have a Valentine bb which un-planned, however she will gonna have -1 celebration day as birthday and valentine will be in same time, May be she will bigger or larger present? I dont know :p

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