Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

Wish you all have a great and happy holiday... I am talking about Christmas =) How was your Xmas? I had see alot of friends have their great xmas, photo from facebook and photo from their blog, they look cheerful and enjoy.

How wish I can join them but I do have a great Christmas with my Son, Prince =) I am sure this is not a 1st years I celebrate with him but this this year he got chance to eat Turkey (oppss I mean roaster chicken due to don't have enough money hahaha) We do have our Christmas food, hat and we do enjoy around with Xmas song. Lets look at the picture :) how happy he is =)

Hohoho, I am Rudolf =)

I wanna eat, I wanna eat

Wish you Merry X' Mas

For me, I do like Christmas... I'm actually plan to go some where Europe for my future Christmas, of course with my love one =) that will be perfect ! Do you want to go with me? Hahaha. Hope year 2010 will bring luck and happiness to all of you.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year~!


卡特 ^^ said...

Merry Christmas Si FU!

Lilian said...

Prince looks handsome with the about ur photos? Europe trip during xmas is going to be great..I thought about that too..spending time with friends and the fireplace..with xmas tree..xmas sure u get to go to europe trip with your loved one next xmas! :D

Johntim said...

Yeah Prince really handsome =) Like owner ma =) hahahaha

Yeah wish to have celebrate the xmas over europe there... really wish =)