Monday, December 21, 2009


Did you ever predict what is going to happen next day, month or year??? ... I am sure we can plan but we might not know what will going to happen in future. Which mean everyday is unpredictable journey for us. We really dont know what will happen NEXT~!

Sad that I receive a bad news about my best friend dad which just pass away yesterday morning. He didnt seem sick and he look healthier ! He just cant wake up after a long night sleep. Life is really fragile... Really expected leaving and unpredictable case. Condolence for his family and friends. I wish he can rest in peace.

2009 is going to the end... what I am actually do in this year? I am wonder... and keep wondering what I am actually achieve... not only achieve, I am actually lose something too... but I appreciate, I appreciate what is happen and I learn alot this years. Anyhow, past is just history, look for present and plan for future this is what I should do.

OK, Let me make abit earlier wish to all Christian friends who celebrating Christmas and I hope you will have a wonderful party. Wish you Merry X'Mas and Happy New Year ~!


卡特 ^^ said...

heylo! merry Christmas and happy New Year! remember 2mr Jaya One and also the Porkchop Burger wo!!! Porkchop!

Johntim said...

Wahaha, Merry xmas and Happy new year ya... I tot is who... change name jor wor... I see u there tomolo =)

Siu KeOnG said...

merry Christmas and happy New Year to 卡特 & johntim, i enjoy during this year ! I know my life is better and bright than last year...

Thanks for johntim change my mind and my life starting with a DSLR :)

幼幼 said...

wish u a merry christmas & happy new year~~~

Johntim said...

Siu Keong,
Same here... day in SL create some good memories especially oversea =)

Mary Christmas =) faster come back MY and lets go take photo