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Cambodia - Day 1

Thousand and Million apologies MIA for so long. I was really busy (ermmm ya I am busy :p) Actually there are not much changes and news that why I decide to take a break and now I am back... back with more and more great picture to show you all :)

*all photo using Alfa Effect (light and dull, click to enlarge)

Just back from one of the seven wonder - Cambodia-Siem Reap is the capital city of Siem Reap Province in northwestern Cambodia, and is the gateway to Angkor region. Siem Reap has colonial and Chinese-style architecture in the Old French Quarter, and around the Old Market. In the city, there are traditional Apsaradance performances, craft shops, silk farms, rice-paddy countryside, fishing villages and a bird sanctuary near theTonle Sap Lake. (more)

Place which you can spend and eat with just a penny :) I am serious, just 1 USD u can buy alot of food to eat or souvenir. As usual, I will provide you all information and some guide if you are new to Cambodia - Siem Reap. I hope my experience can guide you all the way when you visiting in near future.

Our stories begin :)

Happy face both of us :) Hahaha earlier wake up from sleep. 5am we are leaving from our home to LCCT and having our McDonald for breakfast.

Departed and we are on top of Sky :)

Reach Cambodia - Siem Reap and bear in mind that time is behind Malaysia for 1 hours. Which Timezone GMT+7. Time to adjust your watch when you reach their airport especially you need alarm :) A friendly free service Tuk Tuk from hotel drive us to Hotel.

Friendly, Clean, Cozy, Affordable price (real cheap) and superb service from Golden Villa Temple. We love the food, services and also the 24 hours WIFI around the hotel. With a great welcome drink- Lemon Ice chill us out from the hot weather.

After Check-In with our luggage, we decide to have lunch at the Villa. As hear from forum and Internet, one of the famous food in Cambodia - Siem Reap = AMOK Fish. It mean Curry Fish but cook in Khmer style :) I rate this with 3/5 for the Amok Set. Abit Sweet + Abit of Spicy + Alot of Vegetable.

After a Burp session from the restaurant, we enjoy free coffee/tea and banana (free) and enjoy our short break. After a short break and the clock show 1am, we decide to go Angkor Wat where the main place that we looking for. After a long chit chat with the staff (lot of misunderstanding)... we leave around 1.30pm which this lead us to 2 big mistake.

  1. Too Hot, cant stand with the weather.. I believe the weather around 36-38 Celcius and we are under the hot sun, nearly fainted, I am serious~!!!
  2. Before 4.30pm purchasing the Angkor Wat ticket consider same day usage, If you purchase after 4.30pm you enjoy Next day entry using the same ticket. So we wasted 1 day entry, which the staff already mention to us but we dont understand at the 1st place. They just repeating 4.30pm you go, 4.30pm you go, 4.30pm you go... Who the hell know why we need to go on 4.30pm? Now we knew this :)

We choose Tuk tuk because it was cheap and it was nice with the wind blow but make sure you comb your hair after reach the destination because "your hair is going to MESS up" :p Due to the communication problem and unknown English the Tuk Tuk driver speak, he bring us temple which know as Angkor Wat (which what we are looking for) but we not even know we reach Angkor Wat :p After 30mins only we realize... this is Angkor Wat :p the conversation like below :-

Angkor Wat is a temple complex at Angkor, Cambodia, built for the king Suryavarman II in the early 12th century as his state temple and capital city... (more)

Me : This place look amazing

YK : Yeah a great place :p

Me : I wonder what is this place name?

YK : I'm not sure, there is no sign board

... after 30 mins

Me : I feel this scene very familiar

YK : Oh really? (no ever care, walk and take photo)

Me : Eh I think this Angkor Wat la... I think it is...

YK : You sure bo (she not even trust me, walk away and take photo)

Me : I also not sure LOL, lets me ask someone...

Yes indeed this is Angkor Wat :)

They eat most of the thing in raw~

Our pass to enter Angkor

Super hot... Extremely hot... alot craving with stories behind but we not understand... We need a tour guide. We sneak-in into big group to hear some stories about the craving... more than 10 stories in the wall. But dont too obvious, we just pretend talking photo and listen the stories :)

Ugly but useful, too hot~!

Entrace of Angkor Wat

The scene which I look very familiar :)

Endless Road

Most of the wall engrave/crave with stories/mist

Okies... Time for Sunset, going to Phnom Bakheng Temple. You need to walk up to hill around 20mins with 1 very curved staircase. Believe or not? Look at the picture below. It was sweat, but worth it... This is what we got :) Hope you like the picture.

Cool Pose :)

On the Way to Phnom Bakheng Temple

Everyone is waiting for the sunset :)

90 degree staircase... dangerous~

Beautiful and Awesome, worth waiting

Everyone enjoy the sunset :)

After a tiring day, Dinner time... of course we are craving for Khmer food (local food). Walking around and yeah this the one, we order and enjoy the dinner. I rate the food 3/5 which not bad :) we like the pineapple soup and the pork dish.

Pineapple with Fish slide Soup

Kerabu Prawn

Pork slide with Lemon Grass

A night market just beside our restaurant, so we decide to walk around and see what the market have. A big market and it have lot of souvenir you can buy. However you must good in bargaining. normally they will give a super price on any item. Let say, she give you a price of 50usd for the item, you can bargain till 10usd or sometimes less than 10usd, so just be smart enough in bargaining process.

Stay tune for Cambodia - Day 2 :)

Here we come the summary of the Day:-

1) Golden Temple Villa - 56 usd for 4 nights
2) Amok fish - 7 usd for 2 person
3) Angkor Wat 3 days entries - 80 usd for 2 person
4) Dinner Khemer food - 10 usd for 2 person

Total Damage = 153 usd

*USD1 = MY 3 +- ringgit

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