Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cambodia - Day 3

Stop walking... stop temple visiting for today... Hahaha... Yeah decided to take rest for one day just to relax and visit some museum :) Wake up late and having our late breakfast, hehehe. Looking at the map and book, we are agreed to visit War Museum and Angkor National Museum for Day 3.

5 USD :) Delicious~

Just after the breakfast, we book a Tuk tuk and heading to War Museum. It actually just 15min away from where we stay. I would recommend this place since the entrance fee are only USD3. You will surprise that the museum is actually running by those people who are victim of land mines. There are alot Killing Machine in here too :) I do some donation for those victim.

*This place alot mosquito... please bring mosquito repellent ya :)

Tank - T54 made by USSR 1954

1. 130mm M46-M47 - Can fire up to 27km
2. Anti Craft Gun
3. 122mm K38 - Can explode 20meter area
4. Missile Launcher
5. 155mm Howitzer - Can fire up to 30km
6. 122mm K38 - Can explode 20meter area
7. Rocket Launcher - can fire up to 50km

I am sure... you will know this~

Anti-Tank Mine, Personal Blast Mine (TM57, PPM2, M14 etc)

Dont mess with her ya :)

Entrance of the War Museum

Spend about 1 hour here with a friendly translator, and then we heading to Angkor National Museum. This place not allow any shooting inside. To summarize this place, it all about Angkor history, cultural, belief and everything about Angkor. It will be more meaning and informative if you can bring along with tour guide.

Personally I feel abit costly, USD12 per person. I am not a historical person so I feel abit bored when inside but can denied that I understand alot of their cultural after the visit. Worthwhile if you have extra time.

The beautiful architecture building

If you dont have tour guide, Please rent this for 3USD :)

We spend around 1hour in this building, our stomach is make noise. Deciding to visit Old Market at Siem Reap or there is another name Psar Chaa

Psar Chaa is a market in the city of Siem Reap in northern Cambodia.

Just after we reached, she already shout, see there... there is something interesting... I was, wahhhh you havent even leave tuk tuk, you already saw that -_-"

Frankly, it was tempting :)

This is the auntie who selling...

Some mix pork with sour sour. I rate it 3/5

Just after that... she request for this -_-"

Similar like Malaysia "菜包" but more tasty. Rate this 3/5

Quite similar in Malaysia but they have some weird fruit, sour daooo~

In middle of their wet market, alot people~
Those are desserts I believe, but we never try

Walking around 1 hours there, we deciding to take our dinner somewhere near our hotel. This was a bad decision I had... the foods suck -_-" but sad I forget the restaurant name, else I would post it here for reference. I rate their food 1/5 -_-" not human eat 1... Really sorry to say.

Salty until I dont know what the taste suppose to be

The worst AMOK fish I had in Siem Reap, Tasteless

Salty, salty salty...

Our luck was not that bad, at least our Supper was awesome. Grill Pork Ribs + Prawn + Roll and Angkor Beer. Due to the photo lost previously, I cant recall the restaurant name. However, dont worry just heading the pub street at Siem Reap, before you turn into pub street, you can see alot grill stall (there are around 5) but I am sure you can differentiate them :) Rate 4/5 for this~!!

Visiting 2 continuous night :) GREAT~!

Stay tune for Cambodia - Day 4 :)

Here we come the summary of the Day:-

1) Brunch - 5 usd for 2 person
2) War Museum - 6 usd for 2 person
3) Angkor National Museum - 27 usd for 2 person
4) Bao & BBQ Pork - 1.5 usd
5) Dinner Khemer food - 12 usd for 2 person
6) Pork RIBS + Prawn + Beer - 10 usd for all
7) Tuk tuk - 8 usd

Total Damage = 69.5 usd

*USD1 = MY 3 +- ringgit


yk said...

miss the grilled pork ribs :)
and the Angkor Beer

Johntim said...

definitely we will go again :) I miss that too...