Friday, August 05, 2011

Bangkok - Day 3

After a tiring at Day 2, we took a package from Pick Me Easy to floating markets, which I think must go at least once.There are few floating markets around Bangkok but we choose Damnoen Saduak. The journey is about 1 hour+ and we sleep all the way when in the van.

Unique and quite funny place, we never see market like this, selling at the boat and some are having their meal on the boat too.

This is how we feel on the boat.

The ang mo help us take photo

This is how auntie sell coconut

Here also got traffic jam de lor...

We love this place~

Coincident or just nice? Yellow :p

The market closed before 1pm. This is because the weather was too hot. At noon, the sun burn and cant really stand. Most of the stall closed at 1pm, so if you plan to come, please plan before that. The best time was 9am according to the tour guide. Enjoying breakfast beside the busy river and watching people busy around, such a wonderful place.

Time to go back and the van send us to Khao San road which near to China town, Bangkok. We heading to MBK/Siam Paragon using Taxi. Taxi around here was too nasty, charge was high and dont want to use meter.

Reach and walking around near MBK looking for "Yum Sap" restaurant (is the name of restaurant) but cant find due they move into another place end up we take our late lunch at Inter 1981.

Suprise that the food was great especially the Famous Kopi O - Liang, we order 2 of it. Great food and overall mark given is 4/5. After the satisfied lunch, we continue our journey to Siam Paragon for shopping. Reach Siam Paragon but most of the thing are branded such as LV, Gucci, Prada and etc, expensive~!! It similar like Pavillion in Kuala Lumpur.

Finally we decide to watch movie, we choose "Rise of planet of the Apes". The movie was awesome with good cinema. The seat (leather) is bigger than cinema in Kuala Lumpur and the sound effect was great. In additional, they having crunchy cheese pop corn and we like it much~!.

How to find if all signboard in Thai word???

This is how the cinema look like, grand right? Of coz the price was indeed expensive than Kuala Lumpur.

Walking around and looking for good thai food. Bah Kuan Mae, famous among that area. Indeed good food and this are what we order (below picture). Pricey abit, but overall mark given is 4/5. The dessert was soft and taste good, remember to order ya.

We going back after the dinner and walking around near hotel and Platinum Mall. Funny thing is the shop closed around 8pm -_-" So if you want to shopping, please go earlier ~!

Here we come the summary of the Day:-

1) Floating Markets- 1130 Baht
for 2 persons2) Foating Markets Food- 100 Baht
3) Taxi to MBK - 80 Baht
4) Inter - Tomyam + Red curry duck + Green curry pork + etc 350 Baht
Bah Kun Mae- Tomyam + Fish + Dessert + etc 700 Baht
6) Taxi to Hotel - 100 Baht
7) Shopping at Naraya - 1000 Baht

Total Damage = 3460 Baht

*BAHT 10 = MY 1 +- ringgit

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