Thursday, August 04, 2011

Bangkok - Day 2

After a relaxing and great food from yesterday, here we go with our journey to Grand Palace. We start our journey just after our breakfast in hotel. Good breakfast I would say but we having some bad experience with tuk tuk over here. The story is like...

We are trying to get a taxi to Grand Palace but most of them do not want to go by meter so I have no choice to take tuk tuk. He charge me 100 Baht which I agreed. He start to tell me alot story say shop no open yet and bring me to some jewellery factory which I know he want to claim some petrol voucher, I was OK.

I visiting the jewellery factory and go out without buying anything. The tuk tuk driver very angry and tell me why go out so early, I was say "finish already, no buy" and I come... He say no no no you must stay there 5 minutes only can get the petrol voucher, which I really dont know got such thing. What piss me off is he trying to bring me to another factory which this time I'm not agreed due to wasting time. We having some arguement and with the non professional acting, he drop us somewhere that we have no idea where we are. We waiting about 30mins and we get taxi to Grand Palace.

A Long walk... a very very long walk hahaha... hot and spicy... I mean the weather, half died and finally we go most of the place in the Palace. Ermmm a must go place but I would recommend only for 1st timer :)

It is build from gold??

Roarrrrrr, We are Strong :)

Beautiful scene...

Small little princess :)

Act Macho :p

Lunch time is what we waiting... We trying to get local food but see like it not so recommended because we scare stomachache. Finally we choose "Royal Navy Club" and we order plenty of local food in this restaurant. Food was not that great but environment just awesome. Due to the hot and spicy weather, aircond just perfect for us.

Tomyam was sour without much spicy, Green curry chicken was too milky and vege fried with cashew nut is over salty. Overall mark given is 2/5. I cant find any better place than here since this is the nearest restaurant.

Just finish our Lunch and we walk around the market, guess what we found something delicious, Durian hahaha. It was name "Golden Pillow".

Yummylicious, must try :)

Energy level was drop from full bar to 30%... Tired and Hot... Wat Arun was our next destination. We decide to take boat at River Ferry Pier which only cost ur 3 Baht. We didnt really walk much at Wat Arun but just take some photo for our memory.

Is about 3pm and we have no way to go and we decide to go back hotel rest for the night activities. After a great nap and massage (great), we heading to our dinner by BTS (Train). We plan to visit Sombon and make sure Sombon not Sombon"dee". I was told by forum which this was the mimic restaurant from Sombon. Reach Sombon and this was our crazy and the most fullest dinner :) Look at the picture tell more than I would say.

A Famous Chili Crab
A Fresh cockles
A Tiger Prawn
A Spicy Sour Fish
A Vegeatable

Just for 2 person~!! Yes only 2 of us :) Hahaha... burp, cant finish... regret and really waste food, I am sorry. I will not order so much in future again :) 4/5 rated but food consider expensive.

Next destination was the most interesting place to go. I actually lying to her that we going to some drinking session but I didnt tell her much about this place. When she reach to top... She very happy and she able to view the whole Bangkok night view from top here. This place is call Sirocco (Located on the 63rd floor)

I was jokingly as her If I propose here, will you marry me? Hahaha She say, definately :)

It very hard to cam-whore there, too many people

She drunk :)

Picture worth thousand word, alot of tourist with limited place. Nice view with alcohol (resoanable price about 400-800 baht perdrink). Must Visit Place ~!

Here we come the summary of the Day:-

1) Taxi- 100 Baht + Night 100 Baht
2) Grand Palace Tickets - 800 Baht
for 2 persons
3) Royal Navy Club - 670 Baht
4) Massage - 400 Baht for 2 persons
Sombon - Crab 90 Baht + others 90 Baht
6) BTS Transport - 80 Baht

Total Damage = 2330 Baht

*BAHT 10 = MY 1 +- ringgit

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