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New Zealand South Island - Day 1

Still remember what I post in 31 May 2011? The day which I proposed to her Proposal - The Story between Us. The pre requirement to marry her is New Zealand trip :) Memorable and exciting trip. If you do ask me how many day is consider good for visiting New Zealand - South Island, I could answer you If possible I want to retired here... Muahaha do you get what I mean?

Minimum of 2 weeks if you want spend in whole South Island. Alot place to visit, alot of scenery you can enjoy and relax. They use to say, no matter what camera you bring to New Zealand, you able to capture a poster type of photo and its true. Beautiful and wonderful only word to describe the scenery in South island.

Here are some Map if you dont know where is New Zealand South Island.
It take us 10 hours to reach New Zealand South Island by Air Asia X

This is South Island Map

Alright, lets start our journey from Kuala Lumpur LCCT ✈ to Christchurch ...

This is trip we planned 1 years ago, un-explainable feeling to feel the country temperature, lifestyle and beautiful scenery. In additional we also plan to take our pre wedding in NZ by Auyong CK. Preparation of gown, make up and hair style really make us more nervous. However, the result of the photo was really awesome. Thanks again Auyong CK and Chris & Sam to help us to take care of our poses and items.

We are ready to fly~

It take approximate 10 hours to reach. We land at Christchurch airport around 10.55pm Local Time

Rental car collection only can open on 8pm we try to rest in Airport 1st

This fellow wait us sleep and snap our photo, bad people

Cant sleep much, just rest 1-2hours and we back in action.

See this blur Penguin? Lol

Tik tok tik tok - 8am, outside temperature is about 5 Celsius and we are ready with our winter wear and ready to pick up rental car. There are varies rental companies in Airport and we pick Apex Car Rental. Pickup by bus from airport to Car Rental office. We choosing RAV4 Toyota because we have 5 persons with 3 big luggage's and 3 small one.

Day 1 Route - 222 km (2 hours and 53 mins)
Christchurch –  Ashburton  (86 km, 1 hr 20 mins)
Ashburton  –  Geraldine      (51 km, 42 mins)
Geraldine – Fairlie              (46 km, 34 mins)
Fairlie – Lake Tekapo         (39km, 17mins)

Get ready to Lake Tekapo, vroom vroom

Thanks Stanley and Lilian for the GPS else we might not able to make it

Can you imagine how excited are we when we saw this?

and this...

Stop at Ashburton Mcdonald for our Breakfast - 9.30am

Reach Lake Tekapo around 11.30am

Quick check in to the Lakefront Backpackers Lodge and ready for shooting.

Testing 1 2 3...

Shooting in action

It was cold, below 10 Celsius. Thanks that she can hold for that. 

Due to the Church do not allow us shoot, we move to Astro Cafe to take some rest.

In Astro Cafe, I was told by friend must order Carrot cake, it was delicious but sorry I forget to capture it because it in my stomach before I able to shoot it :) Resting and we are not able to shoot here because the Staff told us we must have permission to shoot pre wedding here but we are able to enjoy some casual shooting here.

He like this kind of pose, he say more yeng wor

We try to mimic him, wahahaha

Yeah, I know I look dumb :p

We try to take some photo before we get caught

After the rest at Astro Cafe, we gain back our energy to shoot. Our photographer was bit frustrate because he was not able to take in Church of the Good Shepherd in Lake Tekapo because the staff not allow us. However with the determination and strong will, he go back again to hope the staff when back home because it was around 5pm now. Yes~!!! He went back...

We enjoy shooting here

My Beautiful Wife

When sunset, temperature goes down to 3 Celsius, cold cold cold ~!

Finally our shooting for day 1 finished - tired and cold. Normal temperature in our country is 30-35 Celsius.   Country temperature below 10 Celsius was something we need to adapt now. It time to back to our lodge, Lakefront Backpackers Lodge is the one we choose. Some personal review:-

Location 4/5 - Perfect location just in front lake
Sleep Quality 3/5 - Very cold and heater not useful to warm the room
Cleanliness - 4/5 - Clean
Service - 4/5 - Good with all cooking facilities and sofa + a CAT :p

  Front view

Side view

Inside view

Organize our bag and ready to bath. Bathing in cold weather with  the toilet is outside from the room was not a good experience. Hahaha... After you bath you need to walk through a corridor only you can reach your room. Heater was not that helpful... cold cold cold... sun goes down and temperature drop to 0 Celsius now. Due to skipping lunch for shooting, now everybody was hungry like nobody else... After a long think, we choose Jade Place which is only Chinese restaurant we found in Lake Tekapo. Some personal review:-

Food Quality 4/5 - Delicious and big portion
Cleanliness - 4/5 - Clean
Service - 4/5 - Good

Om nom nom.. big portion and delicious

Few of us skip this because Ice Cream + 0 Celsius was not fun.

Initial plan was going to night sky tour however due to tiredness we cancel the tour. Me and Ayck was plan to shoot ourself somewhere mid night. This bugger never me wake up me and enjoy shooting star by himself but thanks to him because I am actually really tired due to driving + posing + sleep at airport. Good night for today and we are ready for tomorrow.

This is star shooting by him... Amazing isn't? 
You will never experience this in anywhere except Lake Tekapo

I'm lying actually, here are the Carrot Cake I mention... Delicious!!

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