Friday, August 27, 2010

Bali - Day 5

Yeah Finally Day 5 post is come out. Due to busy busy busy on my personal life and also working. Some tremendous thing is coming soon~! That why I am so busy :) Okies Continue with the Day 5 Activities. Ermmm let me recall back :)


Relax and Relax... Day 5 with no activity and nothing to do... totally FREE and EASE :) Planning to visit Seminyak Beach, SPA and also Manicure and Pedicure(YK). Shuang daoooo~! We slept till 9am with our lovely breakfast that include in our package, nice and relax.

Our Lovely Breakfast

Our Resort - Quite nice but creepy :p

After the breakfast, we straight away heading to the Seminyak beach. It was really great beach and I should let the picture tell you the beauty of the beach :)

This we call beauty of the beach :)

Yeng Dao :)

Double Yeng :p

She is enjoying with the beach

After a tired portraits and cam whore session :p of course our stomach is calling 911 :) Is time to eat again... I decided to take some local food in the Seminyak Street... Choose and choose around 7-8 restaurants, we found something local and nice... Nasi Padang Indonesia :)

Very cheap and Great food, thumb up~!

After a Burp session in there, is time for YK to relax and enjoy her Mani and Padi cure :) I away to their Internet cafe for Facebook-ing and also MSN-ing. Surfing is cheap, 1 hours around RM2.

SPA and Massaging is our next activity :) However, we only manage to get our Massaging done and we have no time for our SPA... What a waste -_-" Never mind go next time :)

Its end our tour and we are rushing to Bali Airport with taxi. As promise to my friend... here are the postcard and proved that we did sent out the postcard :p

Experience in this Trip
- Great View
- Great Food
- Great People
- & Great Place to Visit ~!!!

I will Re-Visit Again ~!! Miss it soooooo much :)

p/s: Remember !! Airport tax 150k Per Person ~!! REMEMBER ~!!

Here we come the summary of the Day:-
1) Paradiso Resort- 400000 rupiahs
2) Nasi Padang - 63000 rupiahs
3) Kopi and Magnet - 200000 rupiahs
4) SPA + Cure - 45000 rupiahs
5) Taxi - 300000 rupiahs
6) Tax - 300000 rupiahs (150k per person)

Total Damage = 1,078,000 rupiahs

*RM1 = IDR 3000 +- rupiahs

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Anonymous said...

" Some tremendous thing is coming soon~! That why I am so busy :) "

tell me .. tell me .. wat's going to happen ? hehheh ...

Shirley .

Siu KeOnG said...

hihi, thanks for the postcard sifu, nx time go singapore sent me postcard too :( ahhahha

Johntim said...

Yeah... I will post soon...

Siu Keong...
Sure :) but u go Nigeria never send me de...