Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bali - Day 4

We are waiting this day to come... Water Sports Day ~!! Alot activity but I can tell you is very quite expensive. But compare with Malaysia, it still consider Cheap. We are wake up very early and preparing to Nusa Dua - Tanjung Benoa Beach. On the way on, we stop by Pratama Cafe for our breakfast. Food are average and we spend 50,000 rupiahs for a Porridge, Bakso and Drinks. Updating facebook status from Dex Iphone and ready to go =)

Johntim Chia In Nusa Dua for Watersports :) Beachboy JT & Beachgirl YK
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Yeah, reach to the beautiful beach in Bali... Sand is smooth with blue skies and the strong wind blow :)

Great View~!


Discuss with the person in charge about the activities that we going to take. after 30 mins of discussion. We decided :-

1. Seawalking (photo at another cam)
  • Walking at down the sea... Adventures 100-150 meter deep
  • Syiok but scary and appreciate diver for help =)
  • High Pressure, Strong wave in deep sea - Ear very pain :)
2. Glass Bottom with Turtle Island
  • Great experience with uncle Turtle
  • No need Glass Bottom boat waste money
3. Tattoo-ing (Temporary)
  • Fun~!
  • Not pain at all :p
  • Dont do SPA after that because the tattoo will drop :)
Dont Envy =)

We try, we try...

And we succeed :)

Tattoo-ing before go Turtle Island

Heading to Turtle Island

Beautiful scene on the way to Turtle Island

Got small turtle...

got 100 years big old turtle... nice place~!

also got turtle with lengcai :p

and turtle with Lenglui :)

Eagle =)

Burung Sarawak

King of snake =) but...

Actually I am very scare... Hahaha

at hot hot place like this, a coconut drink is always 1st choice =)

After hot until half died, we are leaving turtle island and it end our journey at Nusa Dua - Tanjung Benoa, Water sport activities. 2pm... stomach is calling 911 =) Ok ok ... We already know what to eat... Bumbu Bali is our choice that recommended by most forum and people visit here.

Sawadikap opss :p hahaha

They dint lie me =)

Nice Keropok, Nice Be Celeng Base Manis and ALL =)

We do enjoy to fullest ~!

Kenyang... Full until up to throat hahaha :p Moving to next destination... before moving to next destination, we going to change hotel from Kuta - Tune hotel to Seminyak - Paradiso I would say is average hotel and it cost us 400,000 rupiah per night. Old hotel with un-equipment such as power plug & Internet access. Most of the thing old old de... however got Bali feel =) which full of mystery, Staff friendly, Nice Pool and SPA is very cheap. 5/10 marks is given to this Resort. Compare with Tune, I prefer Tune Hotel =)

Tanah Lot... Must go places... It called Floating Temple... Why it called Floating Temple? because when high tide, the Temple is floating with sea. When low tide, you can walk near to the temple (you cant enter unless priest). Unique and beautiful scene.

What do you think? Great?

The Perfect Place to capture

When bright... Unique and Mystery

Board of Tanah Lot

This picture end our Day 4 in Bali - Like this picture

We are decided to take some local dinner. Dex bring us to a marketplace which full of local people, no tourist and food is damn cheap :p we are told to speak Melayu at this place. No english and No Camera :) Nasi Kuning is what he recommended. Big portion, taste superb and with Local ABC it really make us like in heaven :)

Dex was bet that YK cant finish it but at the end... the place is clean than ever before :p He impress :p This call Malaysia Boleh :) Dont pray pray~!!!

Borrow from jukutKakul

Here we come the summary of the Day:-
1) Pratama Cafe- 50000 rupiahs
2) Water Sports - 1900000 rupiahs
3) Bumbu Bali- 217000 rupiahs
4) Tanah Lot Ticket - 20000 rupiahs
5) Nasi Kuning Dinner at Denpasar - 20000 rupiahs
6) Driver fees (Full Day) - 350000 rupiahs

Total Damage = 2,557,000 rupiahs (Bankrup-ed *Fainted)

*RM1 = IDR 3000 +- rupiahs

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Anonymous said...


behind the camera.. u dam scared niah



Siu KeOnG said...

-__-''' this yk always take the 1st place to comment..

Yalo..i tot u so brave ~pui...hahahah

Yk, why u didnt take

Johntim said...

YK see the snake run so far... Take the camera and zoom 105mm Wahaha...

At Least I try ma :D

Next Time I want to see you take the snake

Siu KeOnG said...

zoom 105 ~hahhahaa...

Snake -__-''' dun play me..i not dare sorry :P

imyuyu said...

You dare to hold the SNAKE!!!! bravo! (although behind the scene, u're very scared.. hahahaha)

Johntim said...

yeah yuyu,

Not easy neh :D sked dao~!!