Sunday, February 26, 2012

Phuket - Day 4

Today is consider our last day due to the 5th day we going back very early in the morning. We decided to spend some times at the beach. Of course in the morning due to the weather is super hot in Phuket. We heading to Karon beach after we experience Patong beach water (which is not clean).

By using the water proof camera, we enjoy self shooting

Yea cute? Hehe

Bluppp Bluppp....Bla Bla... She try say something~

We are perfectly FIT :p

No kidding, we hit by the wave few times. Both our Legs and Hands get hurt by it and the funny thing is one of the ang Mo Auntie, the Bikini rip off by the wave 2 times, she is Totally NAKED !!!!! I think only you know how funny it is :)

Tiring but enjoy to the MAX, remember in previous post, the Halle Hallo restaurant in Karon? Yeah... we going again, addicted to the TOM YAM !!!! If you forget here I post again :)

Driving motorbike topless is super nice experience in Phuket~!! But end up sun burn at the back -_-" too bad. Back to hotel and ready to go Phuket weekend market around 4pm.

4pm sharp, we are leaving with motorbike and looking for the weekend market. We try to google before going however it was not so easy as the map said. We lost -_-" 1 hours looking for this place and the worst part is most of the people here cant speak English and not even know where is Weekend Market =.=" Just shake head when we trying to ask.

God treat us not bad, a kind motorbike taxi (yes he is motorbike taxi) bring us to the place, Thanks uncle, you are the best.

Can you see how dark she is? But I like her :p

Is some sort dessert but it too awesome to describe... Must try

Super sweet Pineapple must try~!!

Hairy crab?? Yes Hairy de Crab taste exactly like Crab LOL~

It always too short for good moments... It consider end of our Phuket Trip. I hope my experience can help you if you wish to visit Phuket. Thanks again for visiting my blog. Good bye~!!

Next Destination : New Zealand ! Stay Tune ~!

Here we come the summary of the Day:-
1) Motorbike Rental - 250 per day
Karon Restaurant- 300 Baht for 2 person
3) Weekend Market Shopping - 2000 Baht

Total Damage in Phuket without flight = 2550 + 6000 + 
1650 + 1250 = 11450 Baht

*BAHT 10 = MY 1 +- ringgit

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