Friday, February 24, 2012

Phuket - Day 2

Wake up quite early in the morning to catch up some missing left over schedule. Having some difficulty to find their local food in the morning (9am). Maybe due to the working hours and the Bangla Road ^^

We finally found america breakfast, Coffee Mania. Good coffee and nice breakfast, would like to recommend for those who wake up in the early morning like us :) Heading from Patong to Karon, the view was great but remember the road having alot sharp corner and mostly passing hill and curve. Just be more caution when driving in Phuket and please get powerful bike at least 150 cc :)

Full of Ang Moh and water are much clear than Patong Beach (very dirty 1/5) and the wave here are much much  higher compare the rest of the beach. Another reason why I like this place is the food here, Halle Hallo restaurant just infront of Karon Beach. After a tiring with water activities, food recharge our tiredness.

Karon Beach refers to a beach, and the town adjoining it, on the western coast of PhuketThailand.

Karon Beach (3/5)

Kata Beach (3/5)

Kata beach water slightly clearer than Karon beach , alot of Ang Mo compare to Karon and Patong beach. However there are less entertaintment compare to Patong althought Patong beach was not nice. Remember the name I say just now, "Halle Hallo" you will see this restaurant when you pass by Karon Beach.

The middle one~

The Pineapple Fried Rice was 5 star~ Order please~

The Tom Yam Gong is sweet and sour + Spicy :) Thumb up

After recharged, we are heading to Karon View point for some shooting. The place is great and here I share some of the photo with you.

Before reaching we are having some cocunut drink due to very hot sun.

Not much people since now is 2pm - tea time

We need to go up to hill to reach this place

This is what I mean, beauty of Karon View~! Worth it~!

We spend half an hour here and we are heading to Phromthep Cape. Passing by alot of beach such as a beautiful beach call Yanui. Crystal Clear water and quite/relax place. She like this place very much. If we have chance to come back to Phuket again, we will consider this beach.

Entrance to Yanui Beach (4/5)

Look, she is happy and cant wait to go down to beach

We love this place~!

Continue heading to Phromthep Cape and pass by, there are alot yatch around here.

We reach this place around 3pm and surprisingly, this place provide free WIFI. We upload some of the photo and enjoy our afternoon here. If you read my previous post, we actually been here yesterday but it was dark. We decide to come back here for afternoon session and yes, we make a right decision. View was perfect and windy~!!! but HOT like nobody business~


Some view around this place.

Not forget, set a tripod and smile :)

Some prewedding shooting, very HOT~!!

This is our low power bike but very beautiful

Heading back to Patong hotel and get ready to welcome our friend who reach here very soon. Sook Ching and Eyrique Cheow, both are funny and very very friendly. We having great time in Phuket.

Here are the welcome Dinner

Full and having great time with thai beer

We wanted to go Champion seafood but our phi phi island tour person recommend this place for us, so end up we come here. Food was OK but not as good as the lunch, I rate this place for 3/5. If not mistaken, the shop call 99.

Here we come the summary of the Day:-
1) Karon Restaurant- 300 Baht for 2 person
2) Karon View Coconut - 100 Baht
3) Motorbike Rental - 250 per day
4) 99 Seafood Restaurant
 - around 1000 Baht for 2 person

Total Damage = 1650 Baht

*BAHT 10 = MY 1 +- ringgit

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