Monday, October 19, 2009

Canon Photo Marathon

10 October 2009... a very early morning, 6am I wake up and preparing go to the event. Thanks AY who fetch me to the destination. There are around 1700+ Participants is participating the event. More than 50% of people them are using DSLR...

In the event, knowing some new friends like Kate, Sharon, WengKi and Yoke Kun. All are passionate Photographer. I having good time with them especially when the time shooting and sharing our view and taught on the photos.

Sad thing is, in the event not only losing the competition, additional I miss my External Flash Gun :( arghhhhh I have no idea where I drop it... very sad but nevermind... I got my new Canon 430EX II flash gun now =) Thanks Rocky for the special price.

The Shooting competition have 3 theme :-

1) Splash
2) Red
3) Shooting in Progress

Can you Imagine more than 1000+ people together shooting the same thing? Agrrhhh I just cant believe this. Ok la... Please do enjoy my photo =)

I have no Idea actually which ONE I need to submit, I just simple choose the below for the competition =) However, I really having good time there~ Hope next time I join, but please dont missing some of my equipment =p


Zen said...

love the photo!!

Johntim said...

Thanks Zen hope next year can win something~

カイト。イアン said...

U have submitted the BEST 1. :)

Johntim said...

Hahaha win in heart not in competition =) (excuses for loser hahahaha)


カイト。イアン said...

everyone are WINNERS!* we are the champion*(Singing in the heart..wahahahaah)