Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bali - Day 1

Early in the morning we are preparing our self to Airport. We are board at around 930am with full of excitement ~!! It was a very dangerous landing indeed because the landing area was wrong and it is too close to break and the experience pilot decided to depart to the sky again... Our plane people was worry and most of them keep praying. Finally we are landed successfully and everyone is clapping hand and smile happily... phew~!!!

Ah Moi this is airport la why you cat walk like model =)

Quickly snap a picture before she enter into the plane

Once touch to the ground we are waiting for our Indonesia chop at immigration =) It was slow and Sorry for the waiting Dex =) Meeting up with our lovely friend (driver) Dex Tape and he was very polite and friendly. He is the one who will accompany me thru the whole journey in Bali.

Stomach make noise and this is the time we taste our Bali cuisine. Bali Guling is our 1st target ~!!!

This is the shop =)

Do you see the pork skin, argghhhh nice =)

Taste very good and extremely cheap =)

After a very full and great lunch we are heading to check in. Tune Hotel in Kuta,Bali is our 1st hotel for overnight. I like the concept and the way they design, not because of the price (very cheap) but the clean and quietness of the environment. Thumb Up ~!

After check-in and settle most of the thing, it nearly 4pm. We decided for our 1st destination to Ulu Watu for Sunset & Jimbaran Beach Dinner. However we are not able to capture a good sunset due to the bad weather.

Girl need to wear Sarong if wearing short.

Very high hor =)

A temple who only allow priest to go in

I personally like this picture who capture by my love one =)

There are some Balinese dance called Kecak Dance is recommend by the Driver. We bought ticket and the show was quite (abit la) enjoy. It like Acapella :p everyone use their mouth as instrument/effect to the music... it will keep kecak... kecak... kecak... kecak... kecak... kecak... kecak... Hard to explain... go and watch urself =)

They are praying before start the Kecak Dance

Some Dancer and the Kecak Team -_-"

We finished the show around 7pm and we continue heading to Jimbaran Beach for our Dinner~!! It was told by most, you must go Jimbaran Beach for a dinner. Because it was too awesome... I was... Okies... Lets go...

One reach Jimbaran, I was Wow... it was so beautiful for a couple (friends also can la) to having a romantic dinner just by the beach. The sound of wave at the beach, the wind blow really make everyone relax.

They are preparing the seat for customers

We are one of them =)

and alot of them too

Food are so so but environment are good. Price are killing =)

Here we come the summary of the Day:-
1) Babi Guling for 3 - 54000 rupiahs
2) Mineral Water - 8000 rupiahs
3) Ulu Watu Ticket for 2 - 6000 rupiahs
4) Kecak Dance for 2 - 140000 rupiahs
5) New Matahari at Jimbaran Beach - 687000 rupiahs
6) Driver fees - 250000 rupiahs

Total Damage = 1,145,000 rupiahs

*RM1 = IDR 3000 +- rupiahs

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Anonymous said...

ya... memorable trip

miss babi guling =)


Anonymous said...


monkeys at ulu watu grab thing...
even the sandal tat u r wearing
and spects


Siu KeOnG said...

I know there will be alot alots of thing u no able to write, not easy to write a travel blog ler..haha

But picture always tell story :)
Bali..-__-''' which gal want to go with me...

Waiting for days 2

Anonymous said...

yeah..miss BALI alot..dex is nice and friendly friend right ;p jmbaran's gt nice scene but d food really..@_@'' haha

irene gan

Johnt|M said...

yeah YK,
Miss much bali...

The ulu watu monkey take anything... better keep it close to u even ur spec =)

I wait u la... wait u go vacation together :)

yeah nice place, nice people and nice food... miss much

seriouskit said...

many well taken photos :D make me wanna go to bali tomorrow.

Johntim said...

thanks kit =)
I will go again next time ;)