Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bali - Day 2

After have a good rest in Tune Hotel (with air-cond top up 24 hours), we wake up around 8am. Taking bath, pang leng leng and dont forget our camera for capture all the memories in this trip. Ready to go ~! 9am ~!

Waiting at Lobby, due to the driver was late about 30min we start our self portraits :D

After the driver reach, we are bring to this restaurant called Bali Deli. It was a western style restaurant/Shop with alot of varieties of food including Balinese food.

It was indeed a good restaurant

Ambient of the restaurant was good and quite, clean and very good

Having our toasted bread for breakfast (with salad)

Never forget about Balinese Coffee, taste Excellent

Its tell when you look at plate =)

With satisfaction of the breakfast, we are now heading towards Kintamani and Ubud for our Day 2 journey. In the way to destination, we pass by alot temple and batik places. We do visit some of batik stall on the way to Kintamani. Most of the temple look similar so we just randomly choose this one.

This is the temple we choose to visit

We are self portraits using our tripod

Another Great Move =)

These are their pray items for good luck, healthy and wealthy

In the temple, we have find alot Water Lily (not lotus ok :p) and we are spend 30 mins for the capture and it not disappointed us, the picture look great.

Passionate photography

The result was excellent

Again we doing something stupid :p

She look great :D

Okies, is time to move~!! Kintamani the next destination. We have told that we going volcano. I was imagine we can actually hike and go to the top of the volcano just like I was at Mountain Bromo, Indonesia previous years. But, in Kintamani we just able to see from far -_-" Nothing fancy but nice view. We having our Lunch at Grand Puncak Sari

This are the Volcano that I mention, beautiful.

We have a great place and great day

You can see the view was perfect ~!

Food are not bad, they sell view not food =)

Of coz not forget to take some picture

I want too ~!

Just burp with the buffet at the Grand Puncak Sari. We are now heading to Coffee farm. Once think of that we think of Luwak Coffee. It is Shit from Luwak haha. They take out the un-digest coffee and make it as powder then drink it -_-" of coz they got wash laaaaa, hahaha.

This are the coffee farm we visit =)

The Coffee

Luwak eat coffee

= Luwak Coffee (Luwak Shit)

Smelly ~!

Beh Tahan :p

We just kidding, actually the Luwak Coffee was great and nice. It very smooth and some more the taste is great. We not buy any Luwak Coffee because it too expensive. It about RM50 - 100 gram if not mistaken bu we do spend 210,000 rupiah for others type of coffee at there.

Moving towards to Ubud, which popular with their Market and Dirty Duck (Delicious). There are 2 markets which popular among Ubud. Once is Sukawati and Ubud Market. We choose Ubud Market because it was near to our Dinner destination. On the way to Ubud, we do see another nice view such as Layer Paddy field...

For Memories (a funny experience here)

After a moments, we reach Ubud Market

Walking Around ~!

A tiring walk and some shopping at Ubud Market, Now is time for our STAR ~! Dirty Duck ~! You might ask me, What is that? It is the Dark Duck Dirty? They not taking bath? Hahaha It just a name... for more details u can visit Bebek Bengil

View nice, food nice people nice =)

Original Crispy Duck

Spicy Crispy Duck

We would say, both of them are great.
Not forget to order Bintang Beer =)

It come to the end =)

A tiring and long day with Dex, Journey back is about 1 hours and plus. We are fall at sleep in the car and here we end our Day 2 journey ~!!

Here we come the summary of the Day:-
1) Bali Deli - 40000 rupiahs
2) Batik Hall Galoh - 400000 rupiahs
3) Kintamani Grand Puncak Sari - 194000rupiahs
4) Coffee Farm - 210000 rupiahs
5) Ubud Market - 76000 rupiahs
6) Dirty Duck - 215000 rupiahs
7) Driver fees (Full Day) - 350000 rupiahs

Total Damage = 1,448,000 rupiahs

*RM1 = IDR 3000 +- rupiahs

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Anonymous said...

wah~~ nice dao~!

2 days spent 1 million


imyuyu said...

ur itinerary is almost same with mine..
Bali food is very nice :-D
we had babi guling near to the palace,
we also tried the dirty duck..

went to kintamani,but weather not so nice, so no view XD

looking forward to ur day 3,4,5 :-D

i love bali..
so wish to go back again :-p

Johntim said...

wow yuyu,

I also wish to go again... lets plan for our next Bali Trip :)

Siu KeOnG said...

can i join for nx bali? haha...

"we wake up around 8am. Taking bath, pang leng leng and dont forget our camera for capture all the memories in this trip. Ready to go ~! 9pm ~!"

U make edision type movie from 8am -9pm?? 9pm only go out? ahhahha

Okla..i know is typo...correction it.

I dont like to see your photo la, u make me poison and sad that i cant travel only...

Why u no bring back the luwek coffee..i cant taste it -_-;;;

We will make it nx time, i am sure my freedom will be release very soonly...

Johnt|M said...

Wah you read by blog so details hor =) haha thanks corrected.

Yeah, hopefully when we come back we can have a great shooting and crazy shoot like what we do always

Siu KeOnG said...

Of course i read la..later give ppl scold :P