Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bali - Day 3

A lazy day and we wake up around 10pm. Due to Over spending money over 2millions++ in 2 days we decide to take something special and affordable for our brekfast :p we choose Pop Mie Baso Favor. Although it was cheap but yet it is nice ~! Taste good and phew... Addicted to it.

Instant Noodles

Quite Kesian but tasty :)

Very Kesian... but like the mie

Today is a big day, how big wor? A very big day for someone, or should I say someone I love hahaha. Yeah Happy Birthday to you. I have actually pre-book a Sunset Cruise Dinner for her. It cost about USD 45 per person (around 900k rupiahs).

We decided to have half day walk around at Kuta, Seminyak and Denpasar. Going around buying sovinour and taking some picture around. Time pass very fast and yes is time for Lunch ~!!!

Bali Layer Paddy Field

Warong Made's is the place that we choose. Suggested by Forum and alot people, the Pork Ribs is Must Try Item ~!!! We reach Seminyak around 1 and here we go...

Very Nice ~!

We order:-
1) Pork Ribs
2) Nasi Campur Balinese Style

I never taste so delicious Nasi Campur in my life :D It contain of Fish, Chicken, Beef, Mutton, Varies of Vegetable and etc.

The ribs is so soft and yet tasty ~!!!

After a full lunch, never forget our dessert... yum yum :D a great ice cream make our day more cheerful. Going back to Hotel due to the Sunset Dinner, we have limited time and must reach Hotel before 3pm and the driver for Sunset cruise will pickup us a 4pm something.

Black Glutinous Rice Ice Cream - Nice

Again Pan leng leng and waiting the driver come. A funny 2 couples is same Car with us. Hahaha I think it very hard to explain here. If you wanna know, better we have a yam cha session.

Reach Benoa Port with Flower Necklace and Welcome Drink. Nice port and nice Cruise ~!! It was a superb experience and yes we do enjoy it to fullest ~!!

Sweet Dao~!

This is how inside of cruise

This is how outside of cruise

Although we cant have a good sunset due to the raining however we do have a romantic moments in the cruise. Dinner was ok but it is not a main item in this cruise :) However I just wish her dream will come true ~~!

Around 9am we are going back to Kuta and the rest of the night we are just hanging around in Kuta town and not forget celebrate the birthday at again in Starbuck near Hard Rock Cafe ~! Not bring any camera just want to walk around hand in hand~! End~!

Here we come the summary of the Day:-
1) Pop Mie- 17000 rupiahs
2) Warong Made - 197000 rupiahs
3) Souvenir- 90000 rupiahs
4) Sunset Dinner Cruise - 900000 rupiahs
5) Starbucks - 70000 rupiahs
6) Driver fees (Half Day) - 200000 rupiahs

Total Damage = 1,474,000 rupiahs (Bankrup-ing)

*RM1 = IDR 3000 +- rupiahs

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Siu KeOnG said...

Day 3 -__-''' how many photo u going to poison me~~

Nx time i also want bring my gf go to eat cruise dinner..gek gek gek

Anonymous said...

dun nx time la...
si heng.. faster neh..

Bali is really palace for couple =)


Johntim said...

Siukeong... no la...

I tarak poison... photo not nice also :D

yeah we will go again next time and we become ur tour guide :

YK... nice place to makan too :)