Monday, January 12, 2009


I always think am I different with others? I guess so... I am not difficult person, but yet not so simple as you think. I always like to do something I like... If I dont like, I dont give a damn. I seldom 'Jia Jia' with thing that I dont like. (Do I saying something that everybody know? Hahaha)

I am person who like to look people/person strength rather than their weakness. I like to praise their strength and give them confident. I learn this when I was in my MBA class. My lecturer always remind us, "Always look at strength and decide what he should be". This only motive and able to let them perform to the MAX.

Arghhhh What is my strength then? I know you will say ... SNAKING hahaha :p Then I should be Snake King =) ... Nooooooooo I am not =)

I hate to work alone... I hate to be work independently for longer period... I dont like to be Superman or to be Hero. I prefer work in the team... seriously I like teamwork rather than SOLO ... I am team player... I cant be alone wey !

I think I might choose to become Business Consultant, Marketing or Sales sooner or later... I just tired and tired with programming... if ... else... execute, mapping etc etc... arggghhhh kill me =) Changes is always hard... I know ! But yet I wont give up. I wanna do something different for year 2009 =)

I wish my dream and hope can come true. Add oil Johntim... Wish me luck in 2009


Butterflyzdreamer said...

U can do it

Johntim said...

thanks baby =)

I will add oil !