Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Dubai Day 4 - Second Trip

Very frus you know? No internet when going back Hotel... Going to write blog also cant... today... after working time, I am trying to update something in Dubai... Few thing need to update.

1) Feel Lonely Here (missing you)
2) Weather is cold (like genting)
3) Working very mess up...
4) Food are sucks... (fast food and maggie again !)
5) Earn Money ^-^

This few days, sleep very early because no Internet, going gym and having staying in great time in Dunes Hotel Apartment. The Hotel very nice... will post when Internet is up. Sure you will jeles again. But nothing fancy la... I prefer stay in Malaysia and doing something that I like. But no choice... work 1st... no money how to survive hahaha. I am going be rat in the rat race again (if you know what I am talking about).

Alot poeple say Ox year is a good year for me, Especially in my Career. I wish is will be true ... Bcause I really wish something I want can come true. Lets pray for me ya. Ok la.. today I going to stop here... stay tune for my next post - My Hotel Apartment =)

My 1st meal in Dubai, thanks Babu Raja =)


Siu KeOnG said...

babu cook for you again?

Johnt|M said...

Babu bring us to go makan at some nice restaurant =)

Cheap and great !