Sunday, February 01, 2009

Late Gong Xi Fat Chai

While waiting at Doha Airport. Just writing some lovely time in CNY. Quite busy going here and there... driving most of the time but it worth just to get her smile hahaha. Many thing I done in the Chinese New Year :-

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1) Sent Princey to Vacation (hahaha)
2) Re-union Dinner (with family)
3) Fire cracker (excited har? hehehe)
4) Visiting friend and relative
5) Short trip (ermmm was the best ever)

I will rate this CNY 9/10 marks because I really enjoy... but just abit rush that why I never give 10 marks... I hope next time I can get more holiday and no need so rush to Dubai... Going to miss Malaysia, You and alot alot more thing !

p/s: argghhhhhhh Forget to bring my PSP !! Bored to death this time !! Stupid me !!


Siu KeOnG said...

hahaha...1st time see u so happy wor..good lor..all well end well :D

y u always forget bring psp..then u enjoy sleep all the while in plane ~ahaha

good luck in dubai

johntim said...

Yeah really happy la.. enjoy alot this CNY but just abit rush on the Dubai trip... that why until forget bring PSP ... kek sei ngor ah....

Wish you have a good CNY also =)

We will revenge again.. dont worry =)