Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Big Day

Is my Big day... Nothing special just having some nice Lunch in Cafe Havana. Ordering a Set Lunch that contains :-

Mushroom Soup (thumb up)
Nice Breed
Mix Grill (Main Dishes)
Cake (For my birthday hahaha)

We not able to finisht he cake and we take away. The lunch was the best in Dubai (I suppose) because most of the time I will take fast food or mix rice (which cost about 20-30 AED). Going home soon. I will not miss Dubai hahaha because I feel nothing special here =) Place that I going to visit already done (except ski - if possible I will go next trip)

Time go move on... Happy Birthday Johntim, and thanks to all wishes from my brother, sista, friend and especially my Love 1. Thank so much ! See you all soon !


Chee Yeok Phong said...

Happy Birthday Johntim. Wish you all the best. And have a good flight to come back to Malaysia!!

Foong said...

Happy Birthday !

Finally i knew ah sou is who alr ^^

johntim said...

Thanks my friend, I know u know it =)

Thanks again