Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Marathon on 28 June 2009

Wow... this is my 1st time join marathon... abit moutain bug (pronounce in hokkien 山菇) Hahaha. Since is my 1st time, let me try 5KM 1st =) Its call "Fun Run". We did not run but we walk... Fun Walk should call it instead. Alot people joining this event because part of it is for Charity... You know la... I am good guy ma :p Just like heng say "people mountain, people sea". Nice experience but next time, I think I should participate on 10KM and be more serious.

Wake up earlier than my sista hahaha... Here are my itenary for the Marathon:-

05:30am - Wake up -_-''
06:00am - Heading Cheras with AY and Jacky
06:30am - Dimsum-ing with Heng and GF
07:15am - Heading to Dataran Merdeka buy Star LRT
08:00am - Start Run... (actually was Start Walk)
09:15am - Finish Run... (actually was Finish Walk :p)
09:30am - Hanging Around eat banana and drink 100plus
10:00am - Leaving ~

The the finish line... we kena scold by those participants. Damn paiseh... :p

"Fashion Show side pls"
Meaning that we are still cat walking at the finish line compare to others that running "SPIRITLY" Hahaha... paiseh... next time we will run ! Wont fashion show anymore =) Lets enjoy the photo taken by Yeong Wei =)


Janice Lee said...

Eat banana??who provide??0.0

Johnt|M said...

I will post photo later... Standard Charted provide those banana and 100 plus =)

Jacky eat the most :p

weng said...

"Fashion Show side pls"

AkiQ said...

Damn untung, eat 4 bananas still got left for dapao bac! XD

Philips at work. said...

-_-" That looked fun man !!

By the way, somewhere far away, some reader(s) might point at this post and say, " see ? see ?? Johntim you show off again !! you show off again !! "

But and again, the photo with 4 friendly monkies and 4 bananas thinking that they are James Bond =

Johnt|M said...

Dam paiseh :p

Banana Man~

We are fashion showing ma~ Show off man =) show off !

Yes its priceless, We like you use banana to show off hahaha Banana Bond =)

幼幼 said...

next time u better dun walk towards the finish's marathon.. not red carpet okie?!
*but if i take part, i think i will walk as well =))

Johnt|M said...

Yeah... I learn not to walk at finishing line hahaha... if not I will kena

"Fashion show, side pls" Hahaha

zen said...

Wow, the marathon "LOOK" fun. Haha

Johnt|M said...

Join us next time ya =), I am sure you will like it =) or maybe we should join Dogathon in UPM which is coming soon, I believe.

*dont ask me when, I dont know, haha

zen said... might need to drag me all the way back to the finish line. Haha!!

Yup, Im going Dogathon and its on 16/8/09 if Im not wrong.

Johnt|M said...

Oh yeah... I hope I can join the even... remind me if I forget ya =)

Dont know lazy prince wanna run(walk) or not hahaha