Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Life just like if else

Do you feel like that? Hahaha do too much programming… become addicted to if else. Life just like if else… example

If today no raining I will go pasar malam…
Else I will stay home and sleep…

If(Today != rain){
Go pasar malam
Else {
Stay home and sleep

Sometime it can be more complicated…
If today go out with A girl, watch movies
If go with B girl, nice dinner
If go with C girl, go hotel :p
Else "sendiri mari" (hahahaha, you know what I mean)

However, when your life have too many if else, you might face some problem… there are lack of motivation and you are very hard to achieve your goal because u give yourself too option or I would say excuse… rather that have a very focus objective.

If (success = yes) {
Enjoy your life

else {
Continue to fight

Focus on your objectives/goals and try to achieve it ! Wish you have great Merry Christmas !


Siu KeOnG said...

lan si nya...
show of if else...
but is truth, what we learning, we always can use to apply in our life, at least a very clear direction to us. hehee

JooSin said...

ehh .. i think the success one use the do/while loop is much more better ler...


If(finish the lifespan)

}while(success!=yes )

Thanks for enlighten those working in the infinite loop.:)

Johnt|M said...

you are right joo sin... hahaha i should use do while...

do kao kao until success =)

Anonymous said...

I oso wan to play!!

private string CHRISTMAS = "25/12/2008"

if(sysdate().toString() == CHRISTMAS)
System.out.println("Merry X'Mas Johntim~!"); break;




Johnt|M said...

haha wei liang... you so funny ... laughing here


Merry Xmas Wei Liang =)