Monday, March 09, 2009

Sleepless night

It nearly 4am... I am thinking hard why it happen again... It just so bad that it happen again and again. I swear to god that I really try my best to learn from previous mistake and hope it wont happen. In some circumtances... It still happen. I didnt blame anyone just myself.

It was so hard to build a relationship... but yet it so easy to destroy it. It take not even an hours just to destroy a wonderful story. A story should end with 365 pages is ended with only 5 pages. It was too sad when it came true, I still not believing it.

Nothing can be undone, what is done it already taken effect. It is too late to do anything but I just want to say "although is hard time, please be strong to go through it". I will here to support you spiritually. You are always the best among the rest.

The story of us just stop here... 09 March 2009 - Page 5

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Tina Hagen said...

You should think what to do to change something if you realy want to keep a relation ship.Or maybe they weren't "the One".Never is too late.