Monday, April 27, 2009

Happiness is an option

I still believe Happiness is on your hand, you can too be happy, but is also a option for youself... if u choose to be sad... then of coz you will be sad. I choose to be happy and having fun right now not because I really happy... but this is the choose to be. I dont want whoever care of me, worry about me and upset about what is happening.

Alot plan is planned during this holiday... But it seem that not feel good with that. However I will stick to that... go ahead... Maybe take some abstract photo in somewhere and share it out with my friends.

Quite busy with work nowadays + photographing with my best buddy. We got alot good quality and bad photo. But overall satisfy... there is another model - "Shy" will post soon. Let you all digest Loopy 1st. Everything is in place and hope it will continue... Just wish thing will be better in time.

p/s: Thanks alot to my friends who always accompany me thru out the hard time that I face. Wish thing can be in place soon, very soon I believe.


Siu KeOnG said...

Well, is good to see that you become normal abit & the cheerful johntim that i knew last year :)

Whatever happen, stay strong and believe yourself, i also want thanks for the hard time that you pass with me.

So i think my jobs is almost complete, i can start to leave you and continue my single life.

Touching hor? But i feel want vomit.hahhaa.... All the best bro, you always tell me good thing come at last :)

Me and heng is the best example :)

Johnt|M said...

Its sound gay at 1st place.. but I know what you mean. Message that you wanna deliver.

I believe god arranging you to help me =) (sound gay too)

Hope we really can achieve thing that we need in our life. Lets move towards to our objective !

Mui Ngee 美儀 said...

Yer~ I also feel the gay at first place, haha!

Nothing to comment here, because I do not know what both of you mean, haha!

Friendship Forever lo!!!

Anonymous said...

First of all, it sounds gay...

Secondly, no matter how u turn your sentences, it sounds gay also. (Hahaha)

But if intepret it as "Heng Dai", then not gay lo.

Whatever la, just add oil to achieve what we want!


Johntim said...

Eh Eh... I got alot of girl reader wey ! I am not gay ok? I love Girl =)

I would categories it as best buddy. We did experience somethig similar in our lifetime... so we share and we face it together =)

Thanks for the comments =)

Suay Mak Mak said...
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Lilian said...

Hold on to it, live high, live mighty and live righteously. May everything be well. :)

Johnt|M said...

Hope everything be well. Thanks Lilian