Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Villa

In Dubai, Im not staying in Hotel, I staying in Villa that rent by Bank. The Villa is very big, 5 Room, 4Toilet, 1 Big Living Hall and 1 Kitchen. Fully equip with Centralize Aircondition. The bank also hired a cleaner for us but of course not to clean our shirt =) Just cleaning the house.

It also equip with all the thing for cooking, fridge, water dispenser, sofa, chair, kitchen cabinet, bed, tilam, blanket, wardrobe etc etc that neccessary for us... Wireless router is also available for us to Online =) and Blogging =p Currently I am staying with Eric and Darren... So big la... the house... only 3 poeple stay meh :p

Here are the picture to share...

Front view of my Villa =)

You see my neighbour house... no bumbung 1

Car Park in my house... dam long
View when you open my front door

Turn to ur right, this is my room =)

This is the another angle

My Private toilet... but abit smell lor...

Tempat untuk Makan :)

My Living Hall with nice sofa
Kitchen view from Living Hall

Oppsss outside got something...

Is swimming pool wey !!

Nice swimming pool but I never bring my swiming equipment

Another View


Siu KeOnG said...

finally you got chance stay at big house...swimming pool somemore,if you long term there, i guess you can buy dog there....prince no 2.. hahahaa

Butterflyzdreamer said...

Aku jeles...aku tersangat sangat jeles! u going to work or enjoying your life there wan!!!

johntim said...

siu keong you wanna teasing me izzit??? what so good wor... :(

butterly just come here to work... if come with love 1 then best la... dont jeles :p

Siu KeOnG said...

just give some idea ma..ah so wan to become ninja there lor..if she go there...ah so pretty la..cannot show face..hahha

christine said...

Good view..so *shiok*

johntim said...

thanks christine...

Okok only la... :)