Thursday, October 23, 2008

Uptown Mirdiff

Yesterday go out with coll to uptown mirdiff for some dinner and buy some groceries at that supermarket. Quite big but same thing I want to mention... Expensive hahaha



When I talk about food court, what come to your mind? Alot of food, fried mee, mihun, Nasi lemak, Kari Mee etc etc right? Hahaha very different here, their food court is mostly consist of Fast Food as I mention in post before. Below are the food court I visit yesterday.

Order in Nasi Biryani in this shop
Chicken Tekka Biryani

Something funny, When I order the Nasi, the waiter give me this thing. When the Nasi ready, this thing will vibrate and got light on... hahaha call me to go take the rice rather then shouting like our country "Oiiii Char Keow Teow Ready, Come !!" Hahaha

This is the thing that will vibrate... dont think nauti thing ya :p

Yummy ! Chicken Tekka Biryani
This Saturday, we will going to Atlantis, Dubai =) Stay tune for more photo next !


Siu KeOnG said...

ooo can vibrate 1 cute.... can become sex toy too

waiting your atlantis the palm ya..

Johnt|M said...

Hahaha I know u will write this siu keong... niaxx hahaha

Yeah I am lookig forward to this trip =)

Siu KeOnG said... understand me hor u ~ goo d roomate~...i back KL liao ~ can uxx uxx...hahhahaa