Wednesday, November 12, 2008

25th Day in Dubai

Pat Geng, Pat Kok 25 days already. So fast? or it just too slow? Argghhhhhh wish to go back now... Miss you so much. Another 5 more days to go, I am coming back. Cant wait to go back my lovely home and see person what I want to see. Been working very hard here and learn so much thing here. Thanks to Eric that teach me so many thing. I really learn something that I never learn before.
However, I also got hand-on something to Eric today. Remember last post... I was teaching Eric to cook some vegetable? Today he cook it by himself without my supervision =) Great, he learn really fast, bravo ! In order to make the dinner perfect, I adding 1 more dish, Hainanese Potato Chicken =)
2 piece of boneless chicken (cut in small pieces)
2 medium potatoes (cut in pieces= size you like)
1 small piece of garlic and ginger
2-3 tea spoon of oyster sauces
2-3 tea spoon of black sauces
50ml drinking water
1. Fried the Potatoes until cooked (take it out 1st)
2. Use abit of oil and fried the garlic and ginger till gold
3. Then put in the chicken to the pan and fried it
4. When the chicken is 70% cooked, put the potato inside and fried
5. Adding the water and fried for about 1-2 mins
6. Adding the oyster ad black sauces and fried for 5-10 mins
7. Dang dang... =) The picture below =)
See... Perfect =)
Good job Eric =)

Tomorrow, I will try new dish... Ginger Chicken... I am not sure how was it look like but I will try ya... Stay tune to this post... I will update the Ginger Chicken in this post =)
5 more days to go !! Excited !!


Siu KeOnG said...

later extend ur trip..i sure laugh kao u~hahhahahaa

Butterflyzdreamer said...

Siu keong: yaumou...wont extend kua..

Please cook for me when u r back..=)

johntim said...

Niama... Du lan you la... siu keong... dont like tat la... dam cham here -_-''

ButterflyZ... see how you treat me 1st =)