Monday, November 10, 2008

Indian and Arabian Food

In Dubai, there are too any Indian and Arabian food. However I still prefer Malaysia food hahaha Nasi Lemak, Bah Kut Teh etc !!! But no choice la... since come here already, lets taste some Indian and Arabian food.

Indian Food Story
Last weekend, Babu are agreed to cook us some nice indian food. He decided to cook us Masalah (not trouble.... it mean curry, haha) Chicken, Fried Chicken 39 ... Opsss hahaha I mean 65 (only Eric know this =p) and Paratha (Roti Canai). He really skillful and he already stay in Dubai for 5 years. What I really admire him is the commitment to his family. He got wife and 2 kids... but he still willing to apart with them just to make more money for his familly. I really salute him, he only can see his family every 3 (for 3 months)... I really nothing to say... He told me 'No choice, my country dont have opportunities for me, my family need money' ahhhhh so gam dong (touching) ah... sobs sobs... Back to topic, the food he cook very delicious =) Here are some photo so share:-
Funny Babu
Fried-ing Chicken

Nice nice

Not forget to have some beer =)

Paratha =)
Arabian Food
When I reach Dubai the 1st day, Darren already told me must go to eat the Arabic food near our HQ. Eric did say the same thing to me and today I taste it... really nice especially the mutton arghhhhh so nice. 'When you put the mutton in the mouth, it melt inside', quote Eric. I was... sin ka ke, you think M&M ? But today I really taste it and it really meltzzz in my mouth... really nice food =)
Our Office Alsarka building

The Arabian Shop

Mutton & Chicken

Kosong... Habis =) Yummy and Enjoy ! See Ya !!

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