Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ibn Battuta

Hei... not IBM ok? hahah is IBN =) This guys is a very popular as traveler or we call it explorer. They use Ibn Battuta as a theme to the shopping centre. The shopping centre is divided into 6 section. Andalusia Tunisia, Egypt,Persia, India and China. Each section have their own uniquity and design. Wow... that great right? Hear that alot money is use for this Shopping Mall.

Site map for Andalusia, Tunisia and Egypt

Site map for Persia, India and China

Andalusia benchmark...

Moving to Tunisia ...

Tunisia street... it is not open air... the sky is fake 1

This is Egypt =)

Really really nice =p

really like going to Egypt

Some Egypt building

Persia ... like India

Starbucks in Persia =)

Persia ATM

India I am coming

Famous Elephant !

Great India Design

Here I come... China... I tot will be great wall

But is a BOAT =) a very nice BOAT
After visiting so many country... tired you know hahaha looking for some special food here. Ermmm finally decide to take Iranian food... Grill food... quite nice, can try again. Thanks Eric for bringing me to such a nice place

Noon Kabab
Grill Lamb and Beef + 3 Different Nasi Berayni =)


Siu KeOnG said...

Good wo..go 1 place and get to visit so many diff place.... u untung la...hahahhaa.... no A cup no A cup !!! dont curse me ....wahaha

johntim said...

Ok la... C cup =) C cup =) ohh mali mali hum.. I learn from at Dubai ahahaha

If come with love 1 baru call good =) come here alone very sien la...