Friday, November 07, 2008

Sendiri Mari

A word to describe for food in Dubai = Expensive. Hahaha why I say so? As you all know In Malaysia a normal lunch might be cost us around RM5 but so different here that a lunch is minimum RM15-30 bucks... ahhhh help me... How about dinner? I think you should know how expensive it is. A way to solved this problem is to cook my self which my title is... Sendiri Mari lor =)

In the villa now, there is only 2 big guys which me and Eric chai. Eric say he has no much experience in cooking that why he seldom cook. However he did learn it yesterday and he successfully made a very delicious meal (of course is under my supervision :p). Great really Qiang ! He is future chef... trust me =)

As you know, I from kampung ma... of course know abit kungfu for masak for surviving when I going to to big city. In collegues time, I am a chef in the house. We seperate into 4 parts :-
1) Buying and Preparing thing
2) Cooking
3) Eating (of course is everyone job :p)
4) Cleaning

I am incharge of Cooking because is the easier step but if you dont know it might be a very diffcult step. I use to cook in my style althought my mother always give me advise in cooking. I know you all not believe 1.... right? Sure think I am SKL la... :p Prove that I really know how to cook...

I pura pura potong bawang

Sudah Siap

Start Masak

1 Min Saja sudah siap :p

Banyak Sedap !


Siu KeOnG said...

1 minute sudah siap? can eat or

johntim said...

Haha, just kidding la... =)

But really nice... although is simple =)

yuyu said...

looks ok delicious wor.
Cant believe it. :-p

Johnt|M said...

wow yuyu =) thanks for the comment.

Yeah... it very delicious =)