Friday, November 28, 2008

Is Friday Again

Phew... very fast ... time pass very fast... like a lightning... a speed of light =)

Where to go? What to do tonight? But something must be decide... must be solve. I dont like to drag thing out and I dont like to be a not responsible person. I have to decide and solve it ASAP if can I can.

Tonight will having some drink with my buddies... =) will playing pool with them and I hope is a good night for me. A relief night for me since I having neck pain for more than 8 days and I still having it right now in my HEAD !! Grrrrrrrr !! Jacky offering me a Salonpas with Chili favor -_- ... can work or not de?? hahaha anywhere thanks =)

Is weekend... I should take more time to relax and to plan my future path !!!


Siu KeOnG said...

water leg..ready?

Johnt|M said...

-_-'' do I look like water leg? Tonight you will know =)