Saturday, November 01, 2008

Desert Safari

31 July 2008, a very unforgetable experience, I really enjoy the whole trip. However something is still missing... I am thinking if you are here it will be more fun and perfect =) The trip was about 6 hours start from Desert Driving (drift alot wey !) -> Camel Riding -> BBQ Dinner -> Smoking Shisha -> Belly Dancing (end).

أهلا وسهلا ومرحبا بكم في مدونتي
Welcome and hello to you in my blog
This is on the way to desert, see the sand is differen color

Starting to turn orange ...

Yes, this is what I say Desert =)

Prove I am coming... Not photoshop ok? hehehe

You can drive in the sand using this bike
Was a good journey to desert. Cant imagine that I able to go desert. I tell you if I lost in the middle of it, I am sure I wil died. The sand was too soft and you very hard to walk. Somemore no water and the desert is soooooo BIG... How camel can walk so far 1 ah?? The place is very "Sandy" (alot of sand, this is the word I simple create :p) Everywhere is sand, Camera got sand, Hand got sand, Leg got sand and more...
Start our drifting journey :p

One of our team car stuck in sand

WE are on top of the Hill jor =)

I dont know how to descibe... you need to come
This is the car you are using to sand drive =)
After the drifting session, we heading to a small camp in desert. In the place we got chance to ride camel. Hahaha so siok la... very fun but the camel was slow... Hahaha... The funnies part is when then camel need to sit down and let us go down, we need to bend to the back because the camel will down the front leg before fully sit down. Let see the photo... how funny are we =) when we are bending down =)
This what I mention... bend to the back =)

Camel and Me ! The small 1 very notti, she bite me

Got commander 1 wor :p

Wow... Camel Camel

Yeeee hahhh ah I am riding !

With Darren =)
After the session of Camel Riding, is the MAKAN time =) alot of Arabian food but I dont have much time to take photo because very rush and too much people. After the food session we are having our Shisha session... How sohai I look like :p

This is Shisha

Sok abit 1st...

OMG, High...

Sok more :p
Hahaha just kidding la... Actually me and darren keep cough and cough when we take this... everyone is looking at us... must be thinking... Noobs Shisha :p Below are the food I take =)
Welcome food when we arrived

Kebab lai de but the roti very nice =)

Grill, Siok !

Our Main Dishes
Dont know Mat Char

Dont know Mat 7

Everything take abit... test test lor

A very nice dinner, if got wine... PERFECT !
Belly dancing is the last show for us... Only 1 dancer -_-'' but the dancer is quite friendly and very funny 2. She like to invite us to go up and dance with her. Nothing much about the dancing but the ass and the stomach move very fast... like vibration of the handphone.... grrrr grrr grrr like that haahaha =)

Wow... Keng mou ?
Can you dance for me like this? hehehe

We join the arabic dance session in stage =)

That all for today =) I am so happy that I able to really visiting such a nice place =) If I have chance, I will bring you together, dont worry =)
Thanks to my driver... for the trip and drifting at desert =)

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