Monday, August 24, 2009

All about sharing

I still feel very tired after back from Port Dickson trip. My both hands are tired because holding the Archery bow (dam heavy). However I am enjoying the trip very much. There are alot activities (Archery, Go-Kart and Banana Boat) and foods (BBQ and Seafood) I eat that night, Especially Beer -_-" It was really good that sometimes we have outing with our colleagues because we can build up our relationship and with that we can work closely together. I wish it can be more and more outing later =)

This is the games that tiring me -_-" Legolas? Fake 1 :p

Just back from Kepong - Prince Cafe. Date 3 "Adik Beradik" and share my photoshooting skill and camera configuration. She was cute with abit knowledge of DSLR. I like sharing because those knowledge are important when I still new to DSLR. No 1 teaching me and I just Google and asking friends. That why I wish everyone who interested in DSLR can learn faster with guidance and advise. I also wish they can get a nice photo with DSLR...

Things that I share just now~
1) Shutter + Aperture = Good Image
2) ISO
3) Exposure
4) Metering
5) W&B
6) Lock Focus Point
7) Camera Configuration

For those newbies in DSLR, If you are interested in DSLR, then please put more effort on it~ I am sure all DSLR-er are willing to share their experience with you =) I just hope when use a right tool , please provide a right result.

There are alot of thing still need to teach and share. I hope we can have more outing and share and exchange our experience. I still looking for improvement and some new technique. Will post PD trip photo soon... too busy and tired right now. Good night ~


Siu KeOnG said...

Sharing, yeah..remember u told me last time at Hainan? During we dabao and waiting at the restaurant.

You say ..."Me this kind of guys, will give 2 people impression. 1 is u are the most welcome guy in front of friends, 2nd people will dislike u feel you lansi"

After see this post, my answer given is still remain same as that day :)

Best bro :) Legolas

Johnt|M said...

Hi bro...
You talk about past tense ah? How I going to remember what is your answer hahaha =) True that there is only 2 categories of friend of mine.

Eaither you likey me or else you dam 7 not likey me... But who cares... I got you and others who always with me. That is more than enough =)

Yeok Phong said...

I have to comment about the new banner, so no place to comment, I have to comment on the "yeng dao" archery post. :P

Yeah, I know most of comments (from facebook) said this Johntim "yeng dao" archery post is very "yeng". So I no need to say so many times. Haha.

For the new banner, yeah, for me I feel very nice. And I can imagine the wind blow thru my heart. The sun shine my soul. And make me so free until I can fly. Haha. I also don't know what i'm talking about. :P

Johntim said...

Thanks Yeok Phong telling me the feel of the picture. This version maybe not so clear... if you like I would share with you the full resolution picture.

Thanks again for like my photo... I trying my best to improved and share more for all of you