Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fiesta Flora

A busy weekend, I am going Fiesta Flora@ Putrajaya with Chee Weng on last Saturday and we spend 4 hours there. I would say it is Super tired. Maybe I am getting older, Seriously... My back pain because taking so long the hours in the event. However I am enjoying taking photo with Chee Weng. He is good photographer =) and he share me new setting. Thanks

Took about 300+ picture and I choose the best and post here. I wish you all will like my photo because I am using my heart to take and I always looking for improvement on myself. I wish I can get better one in near future. Enjoy my photo ya... readers =)

I like white roses, it remind me alot thing

The out-standing one

Close up Photo

The in and out effect

The only sunflower =)
Some light-ing effect

Lady Bird Bird

The Special One

I like the angle

I like the way when taking this photo =)

I feel very great in this photo

My Fav ~! Different focus point

Fire Fire Flowers

I like daisy

Make me feel great

The effect and angle... just perfect ~!

Something is not flower using 1/4000 Shutter

How about those photo? Ok ma? I am sure you will like some of them right? I am trying to take it with different angle and position, not believe? Lets look at below photo =)

Enjoy and I wish I can share more in near future =) Thanks for visiting and feel free to comment on my photo. Thanks again~


Yeok Phong said...

Wow.. a lot of flowers.. nice picture.. even your back get pain but the result is worth. Really nice photo. Anyway, take care your health. :P

weng said...

old man :P
watch out

Siu KeOnG said...

i wish i can be there...aiii..jeles die......

I come back i want to shoot kao kao...-__-, then i bring photo go back nigeria 2 month, slowly slowly post..hahaha

Johntim said...

Yeok Phong...
Thanks for like my picture...

grrrrrr what old man !!

Good Idea hor but do you have time to go photographing? I am sure u will dam busy for your outing =)

Mui Ngee 美儀 said...

Nice photo with nice flower, except the model, haha!

Johnt|M said...

Mui ngee...
You dare to say that hor -_-"

you dont sked kena thunder hor