Friday, June 12, 2009

I will see you again

Flash back year 2008 February, we just as normal coll. After a years and half he is my buddy hahaha =) Here I describe about his characteristic...

- Friendly and Always helpful
- Dont like "keh si keh si" friends
- Honest and Humble
- Tall and Cool (give face today is his last day :)
- Blur~
- Principle*
- etc

If you want me to list out I think it will be a page long. However every human have good and bad things... 1 of the bad thing he have is he have a very principle mindset... especially the thing that he love and under his control... You are hard to influence to change his mind... example... Camera, Car and Girl :p But sometime with strong fact and power of mind control... He will change keh :p But dont ever try that cause you it is hard, hahaha.

Just want to share some memory that I been thru with this fellow... Although I know is quite GAY... But I believe this will be a memories post for us... Remember this are the day you leave me =)
June 2009 - Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya

Clubbing Night

May 2009 Lepaking in Sekinchan
April 2009 - Photographing (Loopy and Shy)

March 2009 - When I need you the most =)

This is the time I need someone
Thanks for go thru the bad day with me

December 2008 - Tracking

September 2008 - Mamamia
The 1st experience watch movies with guy

August 2008 - Beijing Bond 080808

Prince Birthday

July 2008 - Photo of the Month

May & June 2008 - In Hainan
We having a good time in Karaoke, Coffee time, Nice Restaurant etc with bunch of our coll

April 2008 - 1st time to Hainan
The 1st time you sleep with super snore room mate =)
I am sure we will work together again in near future and dont forget... distance isn't make us apart because our heart always together =)
Hahaha I just kidding... dont so gay... Thanks and appreciated wonderful experience working with you. Take care and good luck in your new job !


Janice Lee said...

sobs sad....Au Yong chao d...but John is still here...T.T

wei shien said...

I see all the photo seriously...
The 1st message appeared on my mind was only 1.
Au Yong your look are definitely old(mature) than Johntim..
cham lo... should change young style wer~~

Johtim said...

I tot u dont like me de... ? Hahaha I tot u want me leave 1st and not AY? Hahaha

Wei Shien...
Sometime truth is enough for know ourself... if you speak out... that not fun anymore :p


Janice Lee said...

U read properly wat i write go wher...

Stanley said...'s so touching...good luck to both of u..
seems like Janice can't wait for u to leave :D

Lilian said...

john...u're so sentimentally last I've seen your dedication post to :O don't worry...ay will always be in our heart...remember last time i said...那么远,这么近..

Johntim said...

Sui, Good... dont worry I will leave -_-"

Yeah... I am using 1 hours+ to search photo of our memories (sound gay)

Aqua guys (not agua) is always ro-man-ti-ke de ma... you dont know meh? Got interest on me or not?? Hahaha

You still owe me a bite for FFK, go office on monday then you will know =)

Anonymous said...

Wah, this is nice one.
I can feel the sincerity and feelings of you to your best buddy... =)

I feel touched with this blog!
*thumbs up*


Anonymous said...

so touching.

Anonymous said...

so touching.

Anonymous said...

so touching.

Anonymous said...

so touching.

Yuan said...

This is the gayiest blog post that i have ever seen. Especially the photo with banana.hahahhaha

Johntim said...

Wei Liang...
Yeah, sentimental =) Thanks and I read back I also wanna cry :p hahaha

no need "so touching" for so many time -_-"

Biasa la, we always got the gay feeling... =)

Siu KeOnG said...

Finally i got the mood and reply your post, no doubt that the things that you talk about me is truth :)

Not sure what to say, really is unforgetten memory that spend time with you, you had share and teach me alots of things, like career, love and some extra knowledge, which make me to become a better person.

I really hope can work together with you guys again if we had fate. Hope our friendship will be forever :)

I leave nothing, but i leave memories, thanks for the 1 year and a half year time with me.

You will see me again? You see me everyday dude .... =.=||||, i see you more than see my parents


Johntim said...

Touching reply from you !

Lets gam ba teh,
for work !
for girl !
for everything =)

Philips at work. said...

This is so TEH WRONG !!!

A man never hold a banana and takes photograph with another man who is also holding a banana !!

This is so Gay that after the Gay people see these, they become straight....

And the Straight people see this, their eyes become blind and kkc run away fast fast !!!

* lari bertempiaran....

Johntim said...


I knew it you going to say this...

Hahaha yea... It sound and look gay... but You know la... Hainan so lonely, no choice la... cincai :p

Thanks philips for comment

Siu KeOnG said...

hahahaha..funny wer :P

Janice Lee said...

- Friendly and Always helpful
- Dont like "keh si keh si" friends

No wonder he dun like me...coz i keh si to be cool..=.=

Johnt|M said...

Now you know :p

That why you kena ignore by him :p

Siu KeOnG said...

you got the point ~ janice !!!aahhahahahhaha