Monday, June 22, 2009


I find interesting with this word and the meaning behind it. Understanding~ Just simply type the word and search in google, you got this:-

"the cognitive condition of someone who understands"

How much you understand yourself and how much you understand other? There so much thing that you need to understand before you can be better, am I right?

You need to understand your family
You need to understand your friends (including everyone you know)
You need to understand your partner (GF//BF)

The most important is you must understand yourself and understand what you want... You need to understand what you can give them and what you need from them. That is very important... I starting to lose myself because I not even understand myself right now...

What do I really?
- A real good job?
- A real sexy lover (sexy just word to make nicer :p)?
- A real good friend who understand me?
- Family love?

I actually dont know... I starting to feel that... everything is not important for me right now, Maybe this is part of healing process, I believed. I wish after the grieving lose of love, I am able to find myself again. I wish and I hope...

Lets wish me stronger and hope for the best !


Siu KeOnG said...

haha..i know u can do also can, why not you :)

cheers...u can become better man :)

Johnt|M said...

As my soul heals the shame,
I will grow through this pain,
Lord Im doing all I can,
To be a better man...

Ermmm yes I will =) Thanks

Lilian said...

I think Understanding means, losing our self-centered idea and accept what's affecting us. What do you think?

Johnt|M said...

I am trying to understand what you mean... =)

It make sense Lilian... So we cannot judge everything just base on our opinion... we need to care and considerate other people feeling as well

Ermm yeah it make sense... but sometime it just abit difficult when I going to do that...

Siu KeOnG said...

emo hai..*run..

Johntim said...

*catch and beat kao kao

"Sometimes"(lian teach) emotional can make someone grown up...

Why not emo? Hahaha but dont too emo like you la... beh tahan :p