Thursday, June 04, 2009

HTC Touch Diamond

I am so excited and happy with my new gadget... so long and finally I having it right now. Pocket PC without keyboard =) I am currently using my father Nokia 7100 for a years (thanks dad)... after my HP rw6828 died peacefully =) I can now again using my stylus and tok tok tok to send message hahaha so happy... Although is is not the latest phone and technology... but I am actually loving it (Budget Constraint also la :p). But however it got 3G, Wifi, Camera 3.2 with auto focus and important part is GPS which all the feature that 1 want included =)

GPS~ I am using more than 4 hours to configure this GPS function... argghhhh lucky and finally I am able to setting it up ! phew~ thanks for alot forumer on this matter... I will take care of my hanphone this time... hopefully it wont drop and drop again =) Below are some picture I took... quality not really good, I will take some nice one when I am free this weekend and post here =)

p/s: Thanks to my dad for the continue support... Love you much.

I am so happy right now with my HTC Touch Diamond~
I should start to learn how to "Love" myself more...


Jennifer said... cool. You should love yourself more often more gadgets...haha

Johntim said...

Buying more gadget... I will pokai hahaha... yeah I am buying another gadget this friday =) Cant wait !

Yeok Phong said...

Congratulation. Got new gadget. :D. Next time I meet you, I must play with your new gadget first. Hehe. :P. Thanks.

So, what is your next things you want to change? Car? House? haha.

Siu KeOnG said...

Yeok Phong, this guy what also got liao...i think he need a "girl", but dont know can buy or no ler

Hhaha..happy that you get a new gadget, fully utilize your GPS, we go cari makan !

Johntim said...

Yeok Phong, Indeed I need a girl right now hahaha others thing I already have it =)

Eh Siukeong... What u mean cari makan? Find girl or u really go cari food for eat? Haha

Mui Ngee 美儀 said...

You ar... So lucky ar.. Got father to sponsor you handphone, so good!!!

Go cari makan la.. Remember to take photo and post here lo.

Johntim said...

Yeah... I love my father very much =)

You mean which type of cari makan? Hahaha