Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Something Funny

There are few conversation today that brighter my day. Cannot tahan why people can be so creatively using example to related what they want to mean it. That pretty funny... the conversation as below:-

Guy : Yesterday the tele-conversation was great.
Girl : Oh really, same here
Guy : Your sound so sweet
Girl : Thanks
Guy : If I can hear it everyday, it would be great
(*expecting a shy emotion or voice, mana dao~)
Girl : You think radio FM ah? Everyday hear -_-''
Guy : *fainted

Hahaha, It was very funny indeed... I think is one of the method to reject guys that always kacau-ing girl =) Here another funny conversation:-

Assume the guy call Keong:-
Girl : *calling the guy, no pickup
Girl : *call again, no pickup
*When the guy online MSN
Girl : Buzz and shout "Char Siew Keong"
Keong : Why call me char siew?
Girl : You know how people sell char siew?
Keong : Hang up at stall and sell lor...
Girl : You also know hor...
Keong : Then?
Girl : 调高来卖, call you dont pickup, lansi :p
Keong : *fainted

Seriously beh tahan, I laugh until stomach ached :p You know la... nowadays people get creative than last time... So if you are not aware of the new trends, you will be flush away =)

Dont be Char Siew ok?

p/s: Why not Siew Yok? Hahaha it just matter of the word, slang and the compability of the name =)


Anonymous said...

Bro John , u very mean worr ...
hahaha ... i luv tat char siew conversation .. maybe tat Keong found tat be a char siew is much more @#$&*! ..

From :Siew Yok "To Be" ...

Siu KeOnG said... mean hor u ...i get wat u mean de...char siew kok !!!!

Johnt|M said...

Hi siew yok girl...
I know who you are :p

Hi Ah Keong Ko
Char siew kok... nice name also wor... I where got Char Siew... dont like tat :p

Jennifer said...

Very funny la, Char Siew Kok...hehehe

Johntim said...

Oiii Jen why call me char siu kok =) hahaha I am not lansi wor :p

I always humble neh =)

Jack_Jack said...

i also got 1 conversation for urs.

During Interview.

Manager: hey, i need a guy talent and creativity one. u can handle?

Sohai: yes, everything i know. sure no problem. but only 2 thing i dun know.

Manager: Hmm.. not bad, only 2 thing. so wat the 2 thing u dun know.

sohai: this 1 I dun know and that 1I also dun know. am i qualifly?

Manager: .....

Mui Ngee 美儀 said...

Johntim & Jack Jack really brother, haha! Always like to tell jokes~

Char Siew Keong or Char Siew Kok also Char Siew la,haha! Char Siew don't fight with Char Siew Okay~

Johntim said...

I know this 1 and I know that 1 hahaha :p dam funny :p

Char Siew Keong better than Char Siew Kok ma :p

Jack_Jack said...

hihi mui ngee, how are you? got egg already ar? or u cant lay egg? haha jk. how is ur sei chai bao husband? he is good now? xin fu wor

Johntim said...

Jack, you work too much with chicken ah? Lay egg 1 meh? Hahaha... I think she havent yet enough enjoy couple live =)

Still very lovely... Always go oversea :p

Anonymous said...

U r Not char siew as i'm the one who is NoT understanding ...

sincere apologiesss ...

Jack_Jack said...

husband sit in front of pc and look sad.

wife: what happend to you?

husband: i cant fix my computer.

wife: what happend to yor computer?

Husband: it show in screen, please press ANY KEY TO CONTINUE.

wife: Then?

Husband: where is "ANY KEY" on my computer keyboard?

Wife: ........

Siu KeOnG said...

faint x1000

Johntim said...

Hahaha... sometime we just need to cheer up by some jokes around.

Happy Weekend to all Weekender =)