Saturday, May 02, 2009

Beautiful Ending

It wasnt a ending we wish too, from the expression you given to me. But at least something that reach the end. We might not seeing each other anymore or maybe when there is chance to meet up somewhere on the road, HI will be use... Sad right? from a perfect turn to be ugly... That not a real ending we want.

What will be the last word you will tell someone? Something like you know they will die and what will you tell them? I cant deliver what I want, seriously. I just hug without any word... I cant speak out what I want and I cant promising anything that in my heart. I just wish, with my hug, I can deliver my feeling and words. Sad... I wish this is not real... I wish this is not the truth... I just cant accept it. Should I ask why? or should I ask myself, why? Its too heavy right now...

Too much love, yet too much hurt... that was really killing me... Maybe time is a best antidote to heal our broken heart. I wish you will take care of youself and good luck on your career. I will take care myself too. Best wishes !

p/s: Missing and "Missing" all the sweet moments that we gone thru.


Siu KeOnG said...

hmmm...ur experience is same like me, first sign to the eyes, you oredi know the answer :)

However, take care and move on

Johntim said...

Bro... what you mean? I reading quite some time but I not understand what you mean.

But as I know, you want me to move on. I really wish to move on... maybe I need some time.

Thanks for support.