Friday, May 15, 2009

What is Life

I think alot poeple dont understand what is life is... seriously no jokes... However is not my business also, who care? I am not angry, dont worry... I just abit not understand.

I shouldnt care so much about poeple who not love themself. I rather delete (which I deleted) and block any possiblity (which already blocked) status or message to see their stupid action. I didnt care but I really dont understand that so much people are fighting their life against death but someone just dont appreciate their life and play a fool with their health.

Who care? If you yourself dont care? Who should care for you?

Sympathy can only used for people who love themself. Dont worry, I wont see any update from you anymore. Do whatever you think stupid enough to ruin yourself and life... You dont care and Nobody will care.

p/s: no 1 want to see their love 1 to be like this

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