Sunday, May 17, 2009

You're Angel, I'm Demon

I just watched Angels and Demons today with friends. It quite nice but too much talking (you need this because it all clues). If you dont like talking talking talking maybe you will feel sien. It also touch alot religion issues in the movie. I like the way they take the movie quite unique, action are very much too. It just like Davinci Code, and if you like investigation, you must watch this (maybe you dont know what they talking if you are the blur 1 , yes I am saying you)

But it modify too much from book as what Yuan saying. "Book is more interesting than movie", she quoted. It make me got the urge to buy the book and read =)

I am waiting for Terminator Salvation, Night in Museum and Tranformer =)

Anyone wanna join?


Yeok Phong said...

when are you going to watch Terminator Salvation, Night at the Museum 2 and also Transformers 2?

Johntim said...

Wahaha when it showing lor and see you got free time or not so we can watch together =)

Lilian said...

night at the museum 2..ok?

Johntim said...

Sui... bila adik mau tengok?