Friday, May 01, 2009

Shy Da Model

Okies, Sorry for long long waiting for the album release =) Hahaha. I need to touch up, I need to asking permission and also I need to work neh !! Hahaha not really much time to post this. It taking me few hours to organize and to post this. Actually it was very lucky I am able to post this album because after finish photo shooting, my memory card was corrupted... Thanks Auyong CK who help me recovered 80% of my photo. If not, I dont know how =)

Description of the album:-
  • Since it was in KLCC, the album cover page should using KLCC right? Shy + KLCC =)
  • The photographer of coz me and Auyong CK
  • The Model as mention in the title, Shy
  • It taking 2-3 Hours but we having alot difficulty with those guard in KLCC park
  • We also capture some of photo at Pavilion
  • Taken around 180 photo, recovered 140 photo
  • Lens - Potrait Len 50mm 1.8F II
  • Here only for preview, Full Album can visit My Facebook & Auyong's Blog

Cover Page of the Album

Yellow Collection

Red Collection

With Photographer =)


Kuntong said...

wow...nice shoots...
nice model... hehek

Johntim said...

Thanks alot...